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Gordon Ramsay Asks for Millions of Pounds to Cover the U.K. in Burger Restaurants

The shouty chef has reaffirmed his plan to open 50 U.K. restaurants at some point, focussed on “street burgers,” but first he needs the money

Gordon Ramsay in a restaurant kitchen, talking to a restaurant owner
“Look, I’m going to open them... no matter what”
Fox/Getty Images

Give me your money and I will give you burgers, Says Gordon Ramsay

The loudest chef in the world wants to give the U.K. a gift following the novel coronavirus pandemic: burger restaurants. Gordon Ramsay says that COVID-19, which has exacerbated the decline of many over-expanded chains, including burger chains, that trade on brand names, has not stopped his ambition to open 50 restaurants across the country that will trade on a brand name: his own. He calls it, and his global restaurant interests, a “billion dollar dining proposition,” which, in the U.K., will involve opening Street Burger restaurants, mostly outside London, according to Propel. The chef says that name — and, presumably, model — is based on his all-you-can-eat Street Pizza restaurants.

Ramsay showed off his burger prowess in a deeply awkward YouTube subscriber video last year, grilling the beef with the frozen butter to form “a nice thin patty,” pronounced, pâté, with a “wide girth.” But first, he needs the millions to make it happen.

Ramsay’s burger ambitions for the U.S. date back to 2018, when a massive private equity injection from Lion Capital saw him plan to open 100 restaurants across the Atlantic. Now, he’s seeking further private equity investment to realise a similar vision in the U.K.: burgers across the nation, Gordon’s grin seared into every one. Well, not really, but would you put it past him? [Propel]

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