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Just Try Licking Your Fingers While Eating KFC Now

The fried chicken brand paid some people to get busy with the pixelation function

A red and white billboard for KFC fried chicken on a blue sky background, featuring its Colonel brand character and a bucket of chicken, with the “it’s fingerlickin’ good” slogan blurred out to read “it’s good”
Less convincing, if everyone is being honest
KFC [Official Photo]

It’s Doubled Down on messaging from earlier this year

KFC has been telling diners to stop licking their fingers while eating its fried chicken since March, when it debuted a moody update of its “fingerlickin’ good” campaign in which the word “fingerlickin’” was replaced by ... People licking their fingers! That campaign got pulled, because March was when the novel coronavirus pandemic put Britain, and its restaurants, into lockdown.

Now it’s back with a new campaign designed to disavow the fact that people should lick their fingers. But instead of using a clever swap in which the phrase’s praxis — licking fingers — is shown rather than told, it’s paid some graphic designers to just blur out “finger-lickin’” and leave behind the phrase, “it’s good.” Perhaps this is some postmodernist irony happening, because it’s not good. It’s not good at all. [BBC]

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