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London Specialist in Low-Key Luxury the Wolseley Wants to Go International

Corbin and King managing director Zuleika Fennell says it wants to go to “every major capital city around the world”

The dining room at the Wolseley in London, with a star-pattern tiled floor, black chandeliers hanging pendant bulbs, and two waiters standing attention.
The dining room at the Wolseley in London
The Wolseley

One of central London’s most singular restaurant addresses has designs on significant international expansion. Zuleika Fennell, managing director of restaurant group Corbin and King, has told a Propel Women’s Entrepreneurs and Leaders Conference that it wants “to put The Wolseley restaurant and hotel in every major capital city around the world,” and has already scoped out European capitals that might fit this plan.

Corbin and King is, lest it be forgotten, majority owned by Minor Hotels, so long-term designs on expansion are not a particular surprise. It, of course, has multiple properties in London and has three — Manzi’s, a seafood restaurant in Soho; a kind of Wolseley 2.0 in nature if not name in the City; and a new brasserie in Notting Hill — on ice owing to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the Wolseley is the most famous, most transportive and transportable jewel in its crown and, ironically therefore, perhaps the hardest to export without losing some of that Piccadilly glamour. Time will tell.

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The Wolseley

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