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2020 Hit ASAP Pizza Returns for One Day Only to Send Off Its Mastermind

Halloween sees perhaps the most interesting, singular pizza in London return, with Pamela Yung departing Flor

Pam Yung of ASAP pizza, at Flor, slides a pizza into a deck oven using a wooden peel
Pamela Yung will sling pies in London one last time.
Sam Ashton

The most exciting pizza in London will return on Halloween, to send off its mastermind. As Pamela Yung leaves Flor, in Borough Market, after over two years at the helm, ASAP Pizza will take its final bow from 1 p.m. — 6 p.m., with walk-ins and takeaway available.

It precedes Flor’s transition from restaurant to bakery and wine shop, which starts on 3 November. It consistently delivered some of the most interesting food of its kind in the city, largely thanks to Yung’s close to peerless intermingling of her past experiences with modern London cooking: an intermingling that translated well to pizza in the coronavirus lockdowns of 2020.

When ASAP opened, this website wrote that “London, by contrast, is a city that has a healthy Neapolitan pizza scene and some decent proprietary operators, but its most cutting-edge chefs have, until now, seldom strayed into this realm.” That contrast was to New York — where operators like Ops and Leo had already taken pizza as a dish on which to privilege the stamp of personality over that of regional, metropolitan, or even national conformity. ASAP and therefore Yung and her team’s version of great pizza is a long-cooked, sturdy, flavourful base, which acts as a platform for British grains and wheats as much as it does the quality cured meats and seasonal vegetables that sit atop it. May London once again experience something like it in the future.

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