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Alpro, Oatly, and Friends’s Plant-Based Lobbying Is Too Late for Owen Patterson

They are part of the new Plant-based Food Alliance which wants to “serve as a voice for Britain’s growing plant-based food and drink sector”

A carton and a glass of Oatly milk. Tada Images/Shutterstock

Meat industries around the globe have long loved little like a good old-fashioned lobby, and now, some of the biggest vegetarian and vegan companies in the U.K. want their turn. Oatly, Alpro, and Upfield — best known for silently manufacturing Flora spread — are founders of the Plant-based Food Alliance, along with the Vegan Society and ProVeg UK, which labels itself as a “food awareness organisation.”

It joins a global cohort of similar organisations, including the Plant Based Food Association (PBFA) in the U.S. and the European Alliance for Plant-based Foods in the European Union. Each has a similar aim: to pressure governments and businesses to either invest more in plant-based foods, or promote their consumption, from an ecological standpoint. Of course, they’d like it most if it’s their plant-based foods that are getting investment and promotion. If only there were a high-profile piece of political news this week that could be instructive.

Marks and Spencer won’t stop animating a character whose face children eat

Actor Tom Holland is the voice of Percy Pig in a new Marks and Spencer Christmas advert. Percy gallivants around a store, stopping at various festive products, but never sees the packets and packets of edible pig faces made in his image.

Burger and Lobster only wants two things: More burgers and more lobsters

The chain feels it has weathered the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and wants to get back on the expansion trail.

Three little birds flew far away

Brixton restaurateur April Jackson is closing her restaurant, Three Little Birds, and reopening it as Wood and Water.

A central all-day dining veteran rides again

Riding House Cafe, best-known for its restaurant on Great Titchfield Street, wants to open in Bloomsbury, taking over from the dormant Carluccio’s.