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Illustrious Restaurant Group Corbin and King Might Have to Put Its Ambitions on Hold

Disagreements with majority shareholder Minor Hotels could temper plans to open in London, let alone Europe

Chris Corbin and Jeremy King, Corbin and King, owners of the Wolseley, Delaunay, Brasserie Zedel, and more
Chris Corbin and Jeremy King.
Corbin and King

Having declared its ambition to put flagship restaurant the Wolseley in multiple European capitals, celebrated London restaurant group Corbin and King might have to take it slow. A strategy dispute — alluded to by co-founder Jeremy King in an update on its restaurants last week — could lead to a split with majority shareholder Minor Hotels, according to the Times.

Last week, King said that the timelines on the group’s three upcoming restaurants had been pushed back over a disagreement on the state of London’s restaurant recovery. They comprise Manzi’s, a seafood restaurant in Soho; a kind of Wolseley 2.0 in nature if not name in the City; and a new brasserie in Notting Hill.

Two weeks prior, managing director Zuleika Fennell said that the group wants “to put The Wolseley restaurant and hotel in every major capital city around the world,” and has already scoped out European capitals that might fit this plan. The disagreement, according to the report, stems from a more international roll-out plan spearheaded by Minor Hotels, including Dubai.

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