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One of London’s Outstanding Bakeries Reaches a Decade of Featherlight Buns

Tetote Factory has been quietly setting standards for the city in South Ealing since 2011

A custard pan from Tetote Factory
A custard pan from Tetote Factory, ready to burst
Michaël Protin/Eater London

Tetote Factory celebrates ten years of peerless baguettes and pan in Ealing

One of the absolute best bakeries in London has quietly turned ten on South Ealing Road. Eisuke and Tomoe Tomita’s Tetote Factory started life in the Pacific Plaza in Wembley in 2010, and despite its closure and the subsequent move to 12 South Ealing Road in 2011, little else has changed. Its concise, considered, and canny menu of savoury and sweet Japanese pan, bolstered by shokupan and some matchless traditional baguettes showcases Eisuke’s deft skill as much of a sense of humour: calling a hot dog pan a “sausage roll” in Britain is the work of an evil comic genius; piling the same dough with fried chicken, barbecue sauce, and mayonnaise the work of an evil culinary one. It marked the occasion in a typically understated, generous fashion, giving out budding bulbs to customers to plant themselves. Stay tuned for an oral history of its life in west London.

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Tetote Factory

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