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Nigel Farage and Co. Sigh in Relief as McDonald’s Runs Out of Milkshakes

Those seeking anti-fascist refreshment will have to look elsewhere

Nigel Farage splattered by milkshake
Nigel Farage splattered with milkshake (this time, Burger King)
Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

Did they create Brexit to keep milkshakes off the streets?

Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson, and this guy can sleep easier tonight, as McDonald’s is forced to take its anti-fascist dessert and/or fry-dunker of choice off the menu because of the intersection of Brexit — Farage’s lifetime’s work — and COVID-19.

The fast food chain has also run out of other bottled drinks, per the BBC, because there aren’t enough workers able to drive transport lorries. It follows chain competitor Nando’s running out of a rather more critical, if less politically divisive product: its peri-peri chicken.

The milkshake’s rise to prominence as a sweet, creamy symbol of anti-fascism came on the back of the long relationship between food and protest, reaching a critical mass in 2019. And while Farage was actually hit by a Five Guys milkshake (Robinson a McDonald’s), it was the clown’s brand that was directly instructed not to sell milkshakes in Scotland that year, when the former UKIP / Brexit Party leader was coming to lead a rally in Edinburgh in May.

In the absence of McDonald’s, here’s a guide to the best milk-based drinks in London, for all drinking needs, and drinking needs only. [BBC News]

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