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Pistachio-Hued Italian Specialists Lina Stores Are Making Moves in the City

An opening at the Bloomberg Arcade is confirmed, with mooted new sites in Clapham and Marylebone

Lina Stores in Soho is one of the best places in London to eat pasta
Green on green at Lina Stores’ Soho restaurant.
Lina Stores

The green-and-white-striped Italian juggernaut of Lina Stores rumbles on, with a new big-deal opening in Bloomberg Arcade. The restaurant replaces Andrew Wong’s Kym’s, which closed in autumn 2020, with White Rabbit Studios’s Chris Miller having backed both projects.

The build at the restaurant is ongoing, per Big Hospitality, with the restaurant set to open on 15 October. The spacious site will bring with it more group-oriented dining options, including lamb shoulder with salsa verde or a platter of red prawns to share, alongside the meticulous pastas and antipasti that have become its hallmark. It will seek to retain the majesty of the interior that Kym’s was known for, in a more pistachio palette, retaining the spiral staircase with a mezzanine dining area and adding a terrace.

Miller told Eater that while he has put it a licensing application for the sites, the proposed dual opening in Clapham — taking over Robin and Sarah Gill’s The Dairy and Counter Culture — is yet to be signed off. He says those were “two of my favourite restaurants in London [...] I live in Clapham and was walking past, and it felt perfect for a Lina Stores, with the space to do a deli.” The situation with a proposed opening in Marylebone, taking over Sourced Market, is at a similar stage.

Salt Bae is here, and boy is he sprinkling

Nusr-et, Salt Bae’s London restaurant has opened at the Park Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge. As with everything the living meme does, the entire spectacle lives on Instagram as much as in real life.

Sonoran taco specialists are back to slinging in London Fields

Sonora, the Netil Market taqueria that has raised the bar for tortillas in the city, has reopened, with a new menu focussed on carne asada and a tortilla production facility in the works.

The cheese is supposed to be coming from inside the burger

Dirty Bones, the glossy American diner, will open a larger restaurant in Carnaby with something called a reverse cheeseburger, which involves pouring molten dairy on to the burger, bun and all. Gloop. [Hot Dinners]

Gabbagool? Over here!

Carmine, named for the Sopranos characters both regular-sized and little, will open in Streatham: it’s a self-consciously Americana all-day brasserie. [Hot Dinners]

Beautiful Fruits, Where Are You?

Sally Rooney fans will know.