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Another Money-Dripping Dubai Outfit Is Bulldozing Its Way Into Mayfair

Bulldozer, which specialises in “bringing luxury restaurant brands,” is opening in the new development between Dover and Berkeley Streets

The interior of a Dubai restaurant by Bulldozer Group
One of Bulldozer Group’s restaurants in Dubai
Bulldozer Group

Mayfair is set to be blessed with another big-money international restaurant arrival, with UAE / Russia outfit Bulldozer Group making moves on a huge new development. Longtime chef collaborator Izu Ani — who was born in Nigeria and brought up in London — is in the city alongside Bulldozer entrepreneur Evgeny Kuzin, and said “new things are happening” in an Instagram Story posted from the Crosstree development which stretches across Dover Street, Piccadilly, and down to 1 Berkeley Street and includes the upcoming luxury-but-also-sustainable-we-promise 1 Hotel brand.

Ani is most closely involved in Gaia and Carine, two Mediterranean restaurants from the group, as well as his eponymous Chef Izu, in Doha, Qatar, which suggests the cuisine will lean in that direction. The eventual restaurant will be preceded by another Gulf import, Maine, from restaurateur Joe Ghazal, which is opening at Hanover Square later this year.

More soon on exactly which element of the new build will be immediately bulldozered.

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