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Tired of Controversy, Jamie Oliver Rediscovers the Lucrative World of Fresh Pasta

Once again, Jamie’s Italian, with a new delivery brand on the way

Jamie Oliver’s restaurants collapsed, but the celebrity chef says Jamie’s Italian would have survived if it were posh
Jamie Oliver with a plate of pasta
Ella Miller

Having minced his words on gender roles in kitchens and offered his views on the current government, celebrity chef, TV presenter, and cookbook author Jamie Oliver is going back to what he knows best: Pasta.

The 70s psychedelia-inspired Pasta Dreams by Jamie Oliver is a new delivery and collection-only “restaurant” based in Soho, which launches tomorrow, 13 October. As reported by Big Hospitality, Pasta Dreams is a collaboration with “delivery first kitchen group” or operations people, Taster.

It promises to brings its customers “Italian-inspired dishes that are out-of-this-world, all dreamed up by Jamie Oliver. We’re talking next level fresh pasta, beautiful filled pastas, and delicious bakes, not to mention some seriously good sides.”

Dishes such as cacio carbonara casarecce and beef and Chianti agnolotti will be available from the Archer Street site via all major delivery platforms from this week; it is the first time Oliver has been restaurant adjacent since the high-profile collapse of his restaurant empire in 2019.

Never one to miss out on a commercial opportunity, the chef and omnipresent food personality has realised that the very thing which launched him to fame over two decades ago, is — in the year 2022 — a reliable way to earn a crust. And combining the two most famous Roman pastas into one dish? That’s an even better one.