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BBC Resurrects One-Shot Wonder ‘Boiling Point’ for New Restaurant Series

The film will be spun off into a five-part TV show, starting filming in 2023

Two chefs in whites stand over the pass in restaurant film Boiling Point. On the left is Carly, played by Vinette Robinson, and on the right is Andy, played by Stephen Graham.
Carly (Vinette Robinson) and Andy (Stephen Graham) in the Boiling Point film.
Boiling Point

Boiling Point, the restaurant film starring Stephen Graham and Vinette Robinson, will return as a five-part television series on the BBC. The broadcaster announced that filming will begin in 2023, with co-writer and director Philip Barantini and co-writer James Cummings returning for the new instalments.

Graham will return as Andy, which, for fans of the original, may be something of a surprise. But it’s Vinette Robinson’s character, Carly, who will be the lead, having taken over a restaurant of her own as head chef.

The one-shot device was a key element of the 2021 film, accentuating the naturalistic approach to representing a busy night at a restaurant which, in the end, was undermined by a trope-laden plot and some scarcely believable twists. The technique will not be reprised on the small screen, but Graham and fellow producer Hannah Walters said, “although we have hung up our feature-length one-shot boots, our audiences can still be excited by extraordinarily lengthy shots and camera techniques that will complement the pure naturalism that was the essence and soul of the film.”

More soon on the development of Boiling Point’s second coming.