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London’s Pasta Thirst May Just Be Endless

In the middle of a cost-of-living crisis and an upcoming recession, Bancone sees room for more shapes and sauces

Pappardelle with egg yolk and nuts at Bancone in Covent Garden, one of the best pasta restaurants in London
Bancone’s most famous dish, of silk handkerchiefs with walnuts and egg yolk.

One of London’s best pasta restaurants looks at the cost-of-living crisis and upcoming recession, and deems it the perfect time to roll out more pasta restaurants.

Bancone, which currently plates up tagliatelle, silk handkerchiefs, and agnolotti in Covent Garden and Soho, is seeking £700,000 to open what it calls “a few” new restaurants in 2023 and beyond, according to Big Hospitality.

Co-founder Will Ellner says that there is currently no better way to raise the near-£1 million in funding than “to involve” the “great, passionate, loyal community” that he believes the restaurants have built up during their four years of service. Explaining that these growth plans had been curtailed by the impact of COVID-19 on cash reserves, Ellner is clearly undeterred by the spiralling energy and ingredient costs that have eventuated following the tail end of that pandemic.

The investment will launch on 5 December. Ellner and his pasta masters will hope that London’s pasta thirst — as it has proved so far — remains far from being quenched.