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Gen Z Is Killing British Food But Loves Sushi, Says Sushi Restaurant’s New Study


Best sushi restaurants London: Ohisama in Marylebone

It’s a well-established fact that Gen Z is killing everything previous generations held dear, but what will they keep alive? According to one British sushi chain ... Sushi! Sensational.

A study of 1500 18 — 29 year-olds (most of whom wouldn’t actually fit into the Gen Z age range) commissioned by Sushi Daily found that 67 percent of them love “sushi or sashimi,” but 65 percent of them had never even heard of jellied eels. Further slander came for the likes of Welsh rarebit, haggis, and bubble and squeak, which the study describes as “consigned to culinary history” because 21 percent of 1500 people don’t know what it is.

Despite these doom-laden projections, traditional British foods can hope to fight another day. Gen Z might take Brussel sprouts, Facebook, and literally every brand, but it cannot take this isle’s regional cuisine.

Keith McNally still hates British critics for extremely unclear reasons

Balthazar’s Shakespearean fool / moral void confessed to feeling he “bought” a review from Fay Maschler for his London debut (despite the fact that she disclosed their friendship within it); said it’s “an open secret that many of London’s restaurant critics are open to corruption” and claimed they have “Putin-like power.” Always read the comments.

Covent Garden winos head for Clapham

Drop, the wine delivery service with a tiny bar on Drury Lane, will open a larger one on Clapham Common.

Bella Italia gets flipped in Oxford Circus

Kitchen Table, which also owns chains Las Iguanas and Cafe Rouge, will turn its former Argyll Street restaurant into ... Amalfi. Sourdough pizzas, fresh pasta, and carpaccio are set to abound: it’s basically Più Bella Italia.