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A Road in Queen’s Park Is Turning Into a Modern Restaurant Strip

Lino — formerly in the City — will join Milk Beach and Carmel on Lonsdale Road in NW6

A plate of raw vegetables with a dipping cheese in the centre.
A plate of raw vegetables from Lino’s first restaurant.
Jade Nina Sarkhel

Lino, a “sustainable” restaurant in the City that the COVID-19 pandemic forced to close, will reopen on what is becoming one of London’s most congested restaurant strips: Lonsdale Road in Queen’s Park.

Lino opened in 2018 under the stewardship of chef Richard Falk, formerly of the celebrated (and also closed) Dairy in Clapham. Four years on its calling cards of making everything on the premises to fanatical effect are even more embedded in the vernacular of Modern London dining: primetime for a reopening.

Its destination, NW6, has quickly become a bit of a hub for this kind of restaurant. Milk Beach, a breezy all-day dining spot, and Carmel, the grown-up follow-up to Berber and Q, have both opened on the same stretch in recent times; TikTok star chef Thomas Straker was initially opening his debut restaurant there, before deciding to take Straker’s to Notting Hill. Three, Lino hopes, won’t be a crowd.

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