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London’s Asian Dessert Collective Bakes Up a Storm for Sri Lankan Charity

The #AsianDessertExchange community of bakers will put together a one-off box, with collection from London Fields’s lauded E5 Bakehouse

A selection of desserts from the initial #AsianDessertExchange in 2020.
A selection of desserts from the initial #AsianDessertExchange in 2020.
Jenny Lau

The #AsianDessertExchange, a collective founded as a postal exchange by Jenny Lau in the COVID-19 pandemic, will continue its new calling to raise funds in solidarity for urgent causes with a dessert box fundraiser.

Available for collection at Hackney’s E5 Bakehouse on 29 May, proceeds from the randomly assorted boxes — that could feature basbousa, bibingka, mochi, zongzi, sanwinmakin, ondeh ondeh, kueh seri muka, kueh lapis, muthiya, and countless more — will go to Community Meal Share, a Sri Lankan charity providing food aid during the country’s current economic crisis.

The roster of bakers for this box includes supper club specialists the Rangoon Sisters and Adobros; Gurdeep Loyal, of Mother Tongue; and Lau herself; it is the collective’s second fundraiser, following an event in solidarity with survivors of Typhoon Odette, in the Philippines. Lau said that “this is the direction I’m trying to steer the baking collective in, as an exercise in true pan-Asian solidarity and supporting causes outside of our ‘bubbles’ and newsfeeds.”

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