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Chef Keshia Sakarah Revives Supper Club Dedicated to the Multiplicity of Caribbean Island Cuisines

Keshia Sakarah’s Baruru honours the diversity of culinary traditions across the region

A spread of mackerel and slaw on wooden tables, served on red plates
A spread of dishes from Keshia Sakarah, the chef behind Baruru supper club.

Keshia Sakarah, the chef and founder of popular Caribbean restaurant Caribe’ in Brixton, will reprise her supper club dedicated to the culinary histories of the Caribbean at a new venue in east London. Baruru, named for the indigenous Kalinago word for plantain, will return on 8 June and 7 July, with tickets for each evening costing £65.

Newly hosted by doctoral researcher Renée Landell, this month’s menu at 83 Dalston Lane will cover the cuisines of Trinidad, Haiti, Guadeloupe, and Barbados, with dishes comprising dal; griot, pork shoulder marinated in citrus and the canonical Haitian spice blend, epis, before being braised and deep-fried; the Creole curry coloumbo, introduced to Guadeloupe by indentured Indian labourers; and a richy, sticky cassava pone with manioc ice cream.

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