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Two of London’s Finest Hidden Wine Bars Are Coming Back

Provisions, on Holloway Road, and Furanxo, on Dalston Lane, are bringing glasses back

A busy wine service at Furanxo in Dalston, with customers sitting on stools
A busy night at Furanxo, in its earlier days.

Two of the best wine shops and delis in the city are returning to their former lives as two of the best hidden wine bars in the city. Provisions, the deli and importer on Holloway Road that specialises in all things French, and Furanxo, the deli and importer on Dalston Lane that specialises in all things Spanish, are both resuming evening wine service: the former from 25 May; the latter since Saturday 14 May.

The ad-hoc vibe of both bars, with stools perched around tills and drinkers sitting on shelves where necessary, pairs appropriately with the lightly worn wine expertise on show. Both also use their strengths on the plate: Provisions’s cheese range is outstanding, while the Iberian charcuterie on show at Furanxo is rarely matched. Cheers to a welcome return.

A Desi pub is on its way to Islington

A former Roti King chef and operations manager will open The Tamil Prince in Islington, adding to London’s strong tradition of pints and Indian grills.

Chefs behind one of London’s best-value tasting menus go the whole hog in Smithfield

The group behind Nest in Hackney, and Fenn in Fulham, will open a 15-course tasting menu restaurant called St. Barts in Smithfield.

Famed Singaporean pastry chef opens a first London patisserie

Cherish Finden’s Shiok! will open at the Pan Pacific Hotel on Bishopsgate. The menu will include a pastry based on kopi tarik, with an edible cup and spoon, as well as milk buns, pork floss buns, and fine chocolates flavoured with gula melaka and yuzu.