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Cult Washington D.C. Burger Restaurant Joins the London Hunger for ‘Melty Stacks’

Lucky Buns, which takes over from Goila Butter Chicken at Carousel, is the latest burger restaurant that loves loads of toppings on its patties

A cheeseburger set against a twinkling background
One of the “melty stacks” from Lucky Buns.
Lucky Buns

A cult Washington, D.C. burger restaurant will kick off a long term London residency with its “melty stacks” this summer, as Lucky Buns opens at No.23, the 12-seat “incubator” at Carousel in Fitzrovia.

A far cry from the current fondness for smashburger asceticism among London’s best burgers, Lucky Buns founder Alex McCoy promises “XXL flavours,” with bacon jams, XO sauces, and intensely flavoured mayos abounding and “double stacks” the order of the day. Sides and starters are similarly excessive, with loaded nachos; fried chicken “nugs” drenched in an essential DC condiment, mumbo sauce; and something called “loco moco fries” which comes with Hawaiian curry gravy. In McCoy’s own words:

When it comes to these Buns, it’s all about great people, juicy burgers, frosty frozen cocktails and rad jams.

McCoy’s buns are taking over from Goila Butter Chicken, chef Saransh Goila’s eponymous homage to murgh makhani. They’re also arriving at a time when increasing numbers of new burger restaurants are turning back towards mid-2010s topping excess: Fat Hippo is arriving with a goober burger (peanut butter and jam) in tow; Black Bear and Burger and Beyond are expanding; and here, now, are these melty stacks. Let’s see how London takes to a D.C. favourite.