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Beloved London Chef Jeremy Lee Will Finally Bless the World With a Cookbook

Cooking: Simply and Well for One or Many will have over 150 recipes

Burns Night 2019 London dinner: Two of London’s best restaurants, Quo Vadis Soho and Black Axe Mangal in Islington, will reprise annual event
Jeremy Lee, right, with Lee Tiernan, at the annual Quo Vadis Burns Night Dinner in 2018.
Nicky Kelvin

Beloved London chef and restaurateur Jeremy Lee will release a debut cookbook on 1 September, built on the effortless simplicity and commitment to homespun decadence that defines his Soho restaurant, Quo Vadis.

Publisher 4th Estate has acquired Cooking: Simply and Well, for One or Many according to the Bookseller, and director Louise Haines says the book is “written in Jeremy’s unique voice, full of gusto and phenomenal knowledge.” Typical of Lee, it will contain discursive asides and tangents into devotion: on the uses of breadcrumbs, impromptu puddings, and recollections of the Dundee childhood that he credits for much of his cooking education: his mother was a culinary teacher.

Prior to joining Quo Vadis on Dean Street as chef-proprietor in 2012, Lee worked at Blueprint Cafe under the jurisdiction of the late Sir Terence Conran.

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