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A Brixton Burger Favourite Is Starting Beef in Exmouth Market

Black Bear will take over the former Dirty Burger space on one of the city’s busiest restaurant strips

A double bacon cheeseburger in a sesame seed bun
A double bacon cheeseburger from Black Bear’s Brixton restaurant.
Black Bear Burger

A Brixton burger favourite will bring its menu of dry-aged patties and creative smoked meat sides to one of London’s busiest restaurant strips this month. Black Bear Burger, which also operates a kiosk in Boxpark Shoreditch, will take over the former Dirty Burger space next door to Pizza Pilgrims on Exmouth Market from 26 May.

Hoping the site’s former identity as a burger restaurant that didn’t make it can be exorcised, it will introduce an open kitchen and cocktail bar from which to sling its burgers, which are pitched somewhere between smashed patty minimalism and the early-aughts school of extroverted toppings: the beef is thin, but there’s onion jam; the toppings are mostly just meat and cheese, but the cheese is sometimes blue.

Its “starters” — including brisket spring rolls — and a range of smoked meats have also bolstered a burgeoning reputation, which has seen it expand into not just Clerkenwell but the upcoming Canary Wharf Market Halls. It’s also not just Clerkenwell: Exmouth Market remains one of London’s most prestigious restaurant addresses, home to the likes of Morito, Moro, and Berber and Q.

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