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London’s Most Extra Italian Restaurant Group Takes Its Pizza to Ladbroke Grove

Big Mamma will open a Napoli Gang restaurant after a successful delivery operation

Gloria Italian restaurant from Big Mamma in Shoreditch: pizza on the table
A pizza in situ at Gloria, Big Mamma’s first London restaurant.
Emma Hughes

London’s most outrageously extra Italian chain will open a new restaurant dedicated to its pizza in west London. Napoli Gang, currently a ghost kitchen, will become a fully fledged restaurant in Ladbroke Grove from Big Mamma Group, known for its luridly excessive approach to food and design at Gloria, Circolo Popolare, and Ave Mario, in Shoreditch, Fitzrovia, and Covent Garden respectively.

It bears clarifying however that the pizza at the restaurants is actually pretty good: Neapolitan in style, with a properly blistered cornicione and the ability to withstand, at times, a flurry of toppings. Yes, some of the names are silly (Vegansta’s Paradise); yes, often, there are just too many ingredients. But the simplest pizzas are good, and the quality of the ingredients in the sides is high. For those in W10, it’s probably worth a look — not that the vividly extravagant design will make it possible to miss it.

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