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London Once Again Dominates ‘National’ Restaurant Awards

But Wales’s Ynshir takes top spot

Chef Joké Bakare wears a headscarf as she stands behind the pass, fire charring on the grill in the background.
Adejoké Bakare’s Chishuru is the most compelling new London entry in the National Restaurant Awards.
Michaël Protin

London has once again dominated the National Restaurant Awards without taking home the top spot. It goes to two-Michelin-starred Ynshir in Wales, with Tomos Parry’s Brat coming in at #3 above the likes of Ikoyi, BiBi (which won “Opening of the Year”;) the Ledbury; and the Ritz.

London restaurants occupy 60 out of the 100 spots, as well as seven of the top ten; many of the capital’s most compelling newer restaurants, like Kol, Sessions Arts Club, Chishuru, and Planque, fall well outside the top 20.

The full list is reproduced below, with the London entries in bold:

  1. Ynyshir
  2. Moor Hall
  3. Brat
  4. The Ritz
  5. BiBi
  6. The Ledbury
  7. A. Wong
  8. Core by Clare Smyth
  9. Ikoyi
  10. L’Enclume
  11. Manteca
  12. The Angel at Hetton
  13. Fallow
  14. House of Tides
  15. Sabor
  16. Perilla
  17. The Fordwich Arms
  18. Da Terra
  19. Kiln
  20. KOL
  21. Noble Rot Soho
  22. Brawn
  23. Inver
  24. Lyle’s
  25. Trinity
  26. The River Café
  27. Tony Parkin at the Tudor Room
  28. Kitchen Table
  29. Claude Bosi at Bibendum
  30. Sessions Arts Club
  31. St John
  32. The Black Swan at Oldstead
  33. Chez Bruce
  34. Restaurant Story
  35. Mangal 2
  36. Planque
  37. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
  38. 40 Maltby Street
  39. Restaurant Sat Bains
  40. The French House
  41. Bright
  42. The Guinea Grill
  43. Frog by Adam Handling
  44. Parker’s Arms
  45. Pollen Street Social
  46. Silo
  47. The Sportsman
  48. Pine
  49. Maison François
  50. Native at Browns
  51. Evelyn’s Table
  52. Hjem
  53. Allegra
  54. Erst
  55. The Clove Club
  56. The Seahorse
  57. Elystan Street
  58. Etch
  59. SOLA
  60. Trattoria Brutto
  61. The Man Behind the Curtain
  62. Frenchie
  63. Hélène Darroze at The Connaught
  64. Kudu
  65. Osip
  66. Midsummer House
  67. The Bridge Arms
  68. The Grill at The Dorchester
  69. Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill
  70. Alchemilla
  71. Gymkhana
  72. Raby Hunt
  73. The Quality Chop House
  74. Rochelle Canteen
  75. Café Deco
  76. Decimo
  77. Joro
  78. Mana
  79. Paul Ainsworth At No.6
  80. Carter’s of Mosley
  81. Cottage in the Woods
  82. Hide
  83. Orasay
  84. Ondine
  85. Ox
  86. Trivet
  87. The Old Stamp House
  88. Opheem
  89. Sargasso
  90. The Little Chartroom
  91. Tallow
  92. Aizle
  93. Chishuru
  94. Le Cochon Aveugle
  95. Muse
  96. Northcote
  97. The Palmerston
  98. Benares
  99. La Dame de Pic
  100. Endo at the Rotunda

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