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Noodle Specialist Xi’an Biang Biang Hopes to Make a Splash in Covent Garden

Shaanxi biang biang, majiang mian, and Chongqing xiao mian are heading for the West End

A plate of thin wheat noodles, coated in a sesame sauce, with strips of spring onion. The plate is yellow.
A plate of hand-pulled la mian with sesame sauce.
Xi’an Biang Biang Noodles

Outstanding noodle specialist Xi’an Biang Biang will open a second London restaurant, taking over Korean restaurant On the Bab’s former site on Wellington Street in Covent Garden.

The Spitalfields expert in Shaanxi biang biang and Chongqing xiao mian opened in summer 2018, with its large canteen on Wentworth Street quickly becoming a lunchtime favourite among local workers. Since then there has since been a flourishing of noodle specialists in the area, including Noodle and Beer and Chew Fun, both on Bell Lane, fuelled by a growing Chinese student population and business workforce in the area and nearby Aldgate, and owner Chao Zhang has opened neighbourhood Sichuan restaurants Sichuan Popo in west London.

The Westfield pasta party is over for Stevie Parle

The Pastaio chef says the restaurant’s shopping centre time is done, but the carbs endure at its original Soho space on Ganton Street.

A steakhouse that loves nominative determinism comes to Mayfair

Meat and Wine Co., an Australian chain with South African influences, will bring cooked beef and fermented grape juice to Curzon Street from 8 August.

Krispy Kreme is rolling out late-night ... Cookies

Insomnia Cookies, which has 220 locations across the U.S. devoted to cookies and milk that open until 3 a.m., is coming to the U.K. with the help of the doughnut baron.


18-20 Bedford Hill, , England SW12 9RG 020 8772 9085 Visit Website


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On The Bab

305 Old St, London, Greater London EC1V 9LA 020 7683 0361 Visit Website


19 Ganton Street, , England W1F 9BN 020 3019 8680 Visit Website