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A Trio of Exciting Limited-Edition Pizzas Arrives in London

Yard Sale’s new guest series features Ixta Belfrage, author of Mezcla; essential Leytonstone restaurant Singburi; and Peckham’s Italian Forza Wine

Three puffy cornicioned pizzas in a triangle, flanked by olives and spritz
Left-to-right: Forza Wine’s “Wind Your Neck In”; Ixta Belfrage’s “Ixta’s Pineapple Pizza,”; and Singburi’s “Gaeng Pizza Gang.”
Yardsale Pizza

Popular London pizza chain Yard Sale has brought together three of the city’s exciting cooks and kitchens for an upcoming guest series of pies. Starting from 17 August, each of the trio will be available for up to two weeks at a time, across the group’s nine London locations, with 500 of each pizza made.

It begins with the oldest and perhaps by now, finally dead pizza debate in history: is pineapple a grave insult to the Italian people, and if so, does anybody care? Courtesy of Ixta Belfrage, author of wonderful cookbook Mezcla, the first pizza comes topped with maple pineapple and fresh Sicilian sausage, along with a double dose of alliums from charred spring onions, and curry habanero onions. It’s rounded out with fresh jalapeno chilli, fior di latte mozzarella, and tomato sauce. For her part, Belfrage is very much ready to “convert some pineapple-haters.” Watch, as the Italians Mad at Food assemblare.

Following Belfrage is essential London restaurant Singburi, run by chef Sirichai Kularbwong with his mother and father. The Thai legend in Leytonstone is bringing the “Gaeng Pizza Gang,” which revolves around the aromatic savouriness and heat of kua kling moo, dry-fried pork, alongside pickled mustard greens, fresh Thai shallots, green peppercorns, Thai basil and fior di latte mozzarella.

That arrives from 31 August; by 14 September, Forza Wine will be in situ, ahead of reopening its erstwhile Peckham sibling Forza Win, this time in Camberwell. Bash Redford and Michael Lavery’s “Wind Your Neck In” makes harissa-braised lamb neck the centrepiece, with bite from pink pickled onions, tomatoes, and — take a guess — fior di latte mozzarella.

A very solid line-up for a summer of pizza ahead.