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Gordon Ramsay Fears His New TV Show Can’t Compete With Two That Aren’t Even on Air

With “Next Level Chef” coming to ITV1, the swearmaster is worried about competition from “Great British Bake Off” and “Masterchef”

Next Level Chef judges Nyesha Arrington, Gordon Ramsay, and Paul Ainsworth stand in front of a three-level TV set, comprised of three different kitchens.
Next Level Chef judges Nyesha Arrington, Gordon Ramsay, and Paul Ainsworth.

Gordon Ramsay has spoken about his fears, as he launches new food TV show Next Level Chef into the U.K. on ITV1. Ramsay says that he is worried about competition from established series like Masterchef and Great British Bake Off, explaining to the Radio Times that, “breaking in a new exciting foodie competition show – it’s hard with such legendary Great British Bake Offs, MasterChef and the long-running success of that.”

Ramsay’s new show, which he hosts alongside Eater video host and chef Nyesha Arrington and British chef Paul Ainsworth, pits contestants against each other for a £100,000 prize. They must compete on three “levels” set in one studio, with a top-of-the-line kitchen on the highest, a kitchen equipped with battered pans and terrible hobs on the bottom, and a middling one in the centre.

Despite Masterchef’s ongoing staidness, and the long decline of GBBO, there’s just one niggle with the Michelin-starred-restaurant overseer’s concerns: Neither of these shows are on air right now. It’s safe, Gordon. They can’t take away your eyeballs.

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