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The Fluffiest Doughnuts in Leeds Are on Their Way to London

Doh’hut, founded by Tom Stafford, will open on Exmouth Market in spring 2023

A birdseye view of a box of six filled doughnuts. There are three pairs of different types: one pair topped with a strawberry slice; one pair topped with chocolate flake; and one pair topped with a raspberry.
Doh’hut’s three filled doughnuts, from left-to-right: crème patissière, chocolate ganache, and raspberry jam.

A wildly popular Leeds do(ugh)nut shop is on its way down to London. Doh’hut, founded by Tom Stafford, will open at 30 Exmouth Market in early 2023.

Stafford opened the first fixed Doh’hut on Trevelyan Square, just off main thoroughfare Boar Lane, in January 2020 — what proved to be an inopportune time for restaurants. Stafford was already familiar, however, with the importance of journey over destination, having spent almost five years going from making doughnuts at home to winning a street food award and, then, opening the original site.

The core of Doh’hut is three iterations on classic fillings: raspberry jam; vanilla cream; and chocolate ganache. These are joined by weekly specials and, crucially, decent coffee, which in Leeds comes from reputable roaster North Star.

Announcing the opening on Instagram, Stafford paid tribute to the fans of the business’s long journey. “It’s all for you lot really, you tell your friends, your family, you share on social media and most importantly you come and eat with us!! This constant support has built up our confidence and we believe now is the time to dip our sugary toes into the Capital,” he said.