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The Hypebeast’s Guide to London Restaurant Merch

T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, and more

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One of the best ways to show some love to favourite restaurants during 2020 and 2021 — and also upgrade the rig in the process — is by buying their merch. Whether it’s a very hypebeasty t-shirt from Yard Sale Pizza, a statement tote from Lyle’s, or a water bottle from a wine bar, there’s plenty of options out there to show a very stylish form of support, and give the nearest and dearest food lovers in your life a very fine Christmas gift.


A white t-shirt with “PATE EN CROUTE” emblazoned across the chest in gold capitals.

Maison François Pâté en Croûte T-Shirt

Nothing says, “I have excellent taste” like a T-shirt that’s emblazoned with the name of your favourite pastry crust-wrapped slab of terrine. This collab between Maison François and Novel Mart is a lovely bit of kit.
£35. Buy here.

A yellow T-shirt with a red Party Store Pizza logo.

Party Store Pizza T-Shirt

Detroit pizza is starting to gain some proper popularity in London and Party Store Pizza is at the forefront. This T-shirt comes in a fetching yellow and looks exactly the sort of thing a pizza delivery boy would wear in a John Hughes movie. If you’re wondering whether or not that’s a compliment: it is.
£20. Buy here.

A model holds a bottle of Fergus Henderson’s Fergroni in one hand, and a glass of it in the other, while wearing a Fergroni t-shirt with a black and red logo.

St JOHN Fergroni T-Shirt

Made in celebration of the Fergroni (Fergus Henderson’s bespoke Negroni recipe that deploys an alcohol bomb of Tanqueray gin, Punt e Mes vermouth, and Campari bitters), this tee is a great way to show your appreciation for one of the lodestars of British cooking. It also looks very sharp.
£24. Buy here.

A blue devil rides a motorcycle on the back of a white t-shirt, with a red Dark Arts Coffee logo in an arch over the top of it.

Dark Arts Coffee Goat T-Shirt

Printed on a heavyweight Gildan T-Shirt, this bit of clobber from Dark Arts Coffee is the sort of thing you could wear on a weekly basis at the office and no-one would even dare to mention the fact that you’re a serial outfit repeater. They’d all be too busy being envious of how effortlessly trendy you look while making your morning coffee in a V60.
£25. Buy here.

A pair of white t-shirts with green Base Face Pizza logos, a slice with the slogan “People want pizza”

Base Face Pizza T-Shirt

A 100% organic cotton T-shirt that features a design based off of Base Face Pizza’s wall mural? Sign me the hell up. This tee is cute, simple, and it’s even adorned with the BFP motto: “People want pizza!” A truer sentence has never been written.
£15. Buy here.

A Decatur-branded black t-shirt, worn by a male model next to a blue shipping container.

Decatur Shuck Ones T-Shirt

All good graphic T-shirts should be just the right level of ironic and sincere. This tee from Decatur — which features Crystal Hot Sauce, Tonys, Ritz Crackers, Maldon Oysters, Naproxen, VW Golfs, Sturdy Tyres, Hennessy VSOP, Mobb Deep, Cro-Mags, and heaps more obscure references — is the perfect example of nailing that ratio. One for the real oyster heads out there.
£20. Buy here.

A grey t-shirt with a black Bando Belly logo

Bando Belly Hungry Hustle T-Shirt

Anyone that’s a big sweater will be wary of buying any type of grey T-shirt but this fetching number from Bando Belly is worth putting armpit stain-related anxieties aside for.
£19.99. Buy here.

“Eat Good pasta, have a good time” written in blue text around a blue illustration of a bowl of filled pasta, all on a white t-shirt

Stuffed Eat Good Pasta T-Shirt

“Eat good pasta” is a mantra to live by and this T-shirt from Stuffed in Netil Market is something that you should seriously think about living in. Available in organic light, heavy cotton, and a long sleeve version, it’s a T-shirt that’s guaranteed to get you good mileage, making appearances at the pub as often as pasta appears on your plate. Which, let’s face it, is often.
£25. Buy here.

An “express wine delivery” logo in white on the back of a black t-shirt

Noble Fine Liquor We Are Noble Express

Pay your respects to one of London’s greatest wine shops with this cheeky graphic tee but don’t go thinking it’s just for east Londoners. Sure, it might feel a bit weird wearing something that blatantly says “Hackney” around Notting Hill, but you do you, man!
£28. Buy here.

An all-caps “FORZA WINE” logo on a white t-shirt, in green font

Forza Wine T-Shirt

I once accidentally wore this exact Forza Wine T-shirt to a dinner at Forza Wine and I’m 98 percent sure that it was the most embarrassing dining experience I’ve ever had. Would not recommend it. What I would recommend, though, is buying this T-shirt, as it’s very comfortable and looks the business.
£22.50. Buy here.

A red “saucy whiffs” logo on a white t-shirt, featuring an anthropomorphic red pizza slice

Short Road Pizza Saucy Whiffs T-Shirt

Pizza pop-up Short Road Pizza is one of those food brands that has their aesthetic down pat. This tee — which is printed on a sturdy and stylish Gildan — will make a fun addition to your wardrobe. With the back illustration designed by the talented Kate Prior, it’s a real mullet of a shirt: all business the front, party in the back.
£20. Buy here.

Three triangular pizza slices form a triangle of their own on a pink t-shirt

Love Triangle Pizza — Pink T Shirt

I love pizza, I love T-shirts, and I love this T-shirt from Love Triangle Pizza. The pastel pink colour reminds me of a strawberry milkshake and, considering that it’s ethically made from 100% organic cotton, I’d say it’s a pretty sweet deal for anyone that wants something fresh in their rotation.
£25. Buy here.

The best London restaurant merch to buy right now includes this taco t-shirt from Sonora

Sonora Taquería — T-shirt

London’s hottest taco joint does T-shirts now. These “vaquero” tees are a similar shade to Sonora’s pork fat-laden tortillas and you should absolutely pick one up the next time you pay a visit to Netil Market. Just ensure to deploy the Guy Fieri’s signature hunch if do ever try to eat one of Sonora’s hand-drenching tacos while you’re wearing one of their T-shirts. It’ll get messy.
£25. Buy in-store

The best London restaurant merch to buy right now includes this sweater from Monty’s Deli with a green pickle design and red MENSCH lettering

Monty’s Deli — Menschwear Sweater

Yes, supporting the restaurants that you love is really important and buying their merchandise is a great way to help keep them afloat during this difficult time, but you should honestly just buy this flock printed heavyweight sweater from Monty’s Deli for the “Menschwear” pun alone.
£35. Buy here

The best London restaurant merch to buy right now includes this restaurant interior cartoon t-shirt from Taco Queen

Taco Queen — T-shirt

This longsleeve tee from Peckham’s Taco Queen is a big vibe. Like, Tom Hanks in 1988 kinda Big. Assa Ariyoshi’s gorgeous design covers the back of the white longsleeve Gildan softstyle T-shirt like a tasteful and delicious back tattoo while Taco Queen’s Miles Davies’ designed logo sits pretty on the front. All of Taco Queen’s tees, this one included, are unisex fit.
£25. Buy here

The best London restaurant merch to buy right now includes this pink jumper with “CHAY CREW” written on the back in all-caps from Eat Chay

Eat Chay — Bao jumper

Liz Nguyen and Joe Tam’s vegan spot in Boxpark Shoreditch pivoted to meal kits and merch over lockdown with grace and decorum. Eat Chay have got a range of shirts and jumpers available on their site but the cream of the crop s this cozy little bright pink number. With a bao illustration and the “Chay Crew” slogan on the back, this jumper will make you stand out in a socially distanced crowd and keep you warm when the weather is grim.
£27. Buy here

London’s best restaurant merch includes this pasta t-shirt from Pastaio, with “This too shall pasta” written in blue

Pastaio — This too shall pasta t-shirt

There’s perhaps no T-shirt that better sums up the current state of mind than Pastaio’s “This too shall pasta” joint, made in collaboration with artist Jenny Dyson. It looks great and the message is one that’s never rang more true. The only downside is that it’s probably not a good idea to wear this when going HAM on a plate of ragù. Because it’s just that nice.
£29. Buy here

Kold Sauce — Alive and Kickin’ t-shirt

This hot-ass Alive and Kickin’ tee from Kold Sauce, designed by Never Worry Studio, is available for pre-order with deliveries going out from 16th November. This is an exclusive bit of kit with limited availability, so make sure to cop one now to avoid disappointment. It’s chile-cladded clobber for the real hot heads out there.
£28. Buy here

London’s best restaurant merch includes this Lina Stores t-shirt with a green deli logo

Lina Stores — T-shirt

It’s hard to beat a clean white tee. With a subtle mint green insignia on the front and a larger logo on the back to show where pasta allegiances lie, this T-shirt from Lina Stores will pair well with just about any outfit. Available nationwide in a variety of sizes.
£19.95. Buy here

London’s best restaurant merch includes this Kiss the Hippo t-shirt with a red hippo logo

Kiss the Hippo — T-shirt

Kiss the Hippo’s 100 percent organic cotton tees are carefully-made in a loose, unisex “flexi-fit” that should suit all shapes and styles. Not only that but, for every purchase made, the specialty coffee roaster is donating £2.50 to sustainable charity Malaria Consortium. There’s no drawbacks, really.
£25. Buy here

London’s best restaurant merch includes this black t-shirt with a white griffin logo

Square Mile — Black griffin t-shirt

Show the love for one of the capital’s most consistent coffee merchants by nabbing a t-shirt from Square Mile Coffee Roasters. They’re 100 percent cotton, branded with a griffin on the left breast, and run from extra small to extra large.
£19. Buy here

London’s best restaurant merch includes

Ombra — Black “Bigoli” t-shirt

Michael Gilles is the man to thank for the Pirelli-inspired designs on this latest crop of svelte “bigoli” tees from Ombra. It’s a proper late ‘90s Inter Milan-meets-hypebeast pasta enthusiast vibe. Want to pair that t-shirt with a bag, or indeed, another t-shirt? Ombra has also got a range of totes and short-sleeved tees, designed by Gilles and the talented Camille Walala,
£22. Buy here

A restaurant t-shirt with a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle on the back Max’s Sandwich Shop [Official Photo]

Max’s Sandwich Shop — Max’s mutant ninja mega sarnies T-shirt

Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo might be better known for their love of gloriously greasy pizza but this TMNT mash-up T-shirt from London sandwich magnate Max Halley looks pretty radical. Buy it, wear it, and let the whole world know about the focaccia foot soldiers.
£25. Buy here.

A restaurant t-shirt with a Love Kebabs Hate Racism slogan on the front Mangal 2 [Official Photo]

Mangal 2 — “Love: kebabs. Hate: racism” T-shirt

Love kebabs? Hate racism? This excellent t-shirt from Mangal 2 is tailor-made. Currently available via email or in-house at Mangal 2’s Dalston premises, keep eyes peeled for a potential online delivery source soon as well. Sizes run small to extra large.
£20. Buy here.

A London restaurant t-shirt with a red girl’s face logo Chubby Dumpling [Official Photo]

Chubby Dumpling — Chubby Tee

Father and daughter business Chubby Dumpling doesn’t just sell wonderful plump dumplings that come filled with everything from chicken and shiitake to prawn and bamboo shoots, it also sells this equally wonderful Chubby-branded tee. Chantel and Joe Yeung’s dumplings are a sensation, and so is this bit of clobber.
£20. Buy here.

A black London restaurant t-shirt with an animated character eating noodles Fen Noodles [Official Photo]

Fen Noodles — Noodle Boy black T-shirt

Fresh off the press from the folks at Fen Noodles — the hand-pulled noodle bar in Old Spitalfields market that’s been taking Instagram by storm — this t-shirt isn’t one to get covered in braised short rib. Even if this particular tee doesn’t feel like a fit, there’s plenty of other Fen Noodles-branded t-shirts, hoodies, totes, and even a stainless steel vacuum bottle that might.
£19.99. Buy here.

A cardamom bun t-shirt on white fabric Söderberg [Official Photo]

Söderberg — Cardamom bun T-shirt

Worthy of its position as one of Eater’s best bakeries in London, Söderberg’s cardamom buns are spicy, sticky perfection. This cardamom bun T-shirt, which comes in grey or white and fits the bakery’s Scandi aesthetic down to the ground, is pretty perfect, too.
£18. Buy here.

A cartoon male and female couple eat pizza together on the front of a white hoody

Dinner For One Hundred D4100 Original White Hoody

You can’t really move for pizza merch in London but, in saying that, you should definitely look to get yourself one of these drippy hoodies from Dinner For One Hundred. Not only will you be supporting an independent business but you’ll be keeping yourself proper snug and fashionable, too. They also do a very cool basil T-shirt that’s worth adding to your wishlist. Get involved.
£45. Buy here.

A flourescent logo scarf on black wool, with green lettering stylised to look like plant tendrils.

The Odds Scarf

Protect ya neck from the cold with this fluorescent scarf from vegan deli and natural wine shop, The Odds. It’s a bit like something Billie Eilish would wear if it was 2019. In a good way.
£25. Buy here.

Tie-dye blue and green socks on white fabric

Wavey Ice The Original Boozy Ice Socks

Keeping you cool is kind of Wavey Ice’s thing. If you’ve never heard of them before they make boozy ice lollies that provide the answer to the age-old question of: “what if a Freeze Pop could get you fucked up?” Buying a pair of their socks will instantly make you about 10 times cooler.
£14.99. Buy here.

An orange beanie hat with a small, black Little Bread Pedlar logo

Little Bread Pedlar — Beanie

Available in 7 bright colours, these beanies from Little Bread Pedlar are a subtle way of showing off that you know where to find some of the best sourdough in London. Each beanie — made with a blend of acrylic, elastane and polyester — will keep your bonce very warm this winter.
£15. Buy here.

This Ikoyi t-shirt from Michelin-starred Ikoyi is some of the best restaurant merch to buy in London Ikoyi [Official Photo]

Ikoyi — Ikoyi T-Shirt

Ikoyi founders Jeremy Chan and Iré Hassan-Odukale have designed and created an entire line of Ikoyi merchandise that includes a t-shirt, a bag of coffee beans, a plantain tote bag and … A tin of caviar. Louche. The crimson tote won’t be available until June 2020 but if you want to support Ikoyi (and show the world you’ve got impeccable taste in dining) in the more immediate future, you should nab yourself one of their tees. Soft, durable, and made from 100% combed cotton, this t-shirt feels as good as it looks.
£25. Buy here.

This ramen t-shirt from Bone Daddies is some of the best restaurant merch to buy in London Bone Daddies [Official Photo]

Bone Daddies — Classic Bone Daddies T-shirt

A high quality t-shirt made with 100% cotton that’s suitable for both men and women, this is the perfect statement purchase for showing the world that you love your ramen. It’s also the perfect purchase for helping to financially support your favourite ramen chain. If that’s Bone Daddies, anyway.
£15. Buy here.

This t-shirt from Homeslice Pizza is some of the best restaurant merch to buy in London Homeslice [Official Photo]

Homeslice — T-shirt black on white

Homeslice’s 20” pizzas have ruined countless white t-shirts over the years. Think of purchasing this simple tee as a way of saying thank you to the slice slingers for the delicious food that stained those garments, and a way of securing yourself a t-shirt that might just be improved by having an authentic marinara splatter on it.
£20. Buy here

Monty’s Deli merch t-shirt, Jewish comfort food london restaurant Monty’s Deli [Official Photo]

Monty’s Deli — Monty’s pickle T-shirt

This simple screen-printed tee from the mensches at Monty’s Deli is the perfect solution for when you find yourself in a pickle about what to wear. The only downside, of course, is the inevitable moment that you encounter someone shouting “pickle rick!” at you at the top of their lungs. Not ideal.
£12. Buy here.

Pieminister t-shirt, merch, London pie Pieminister [Official Photo]

Pieminister — Sweetie pie white tee

This simple tee from the pie people at Pieminister is the absolute business. Not only does it look great — and show that you’ve impeccable taste in filled pastries — but it’s also printed using low waste technology by a certified organic company in the U.K.
£20. Buy here.

Voodoo Ray’s pizza t-shirt, merch Voodoo Ray’s [Official Photo]

Voodoo Ray’s — Giant F*ckin’ Pizza! Tee

Wolfing down a slice of Voodoo Ray’s while you’re half-cut and hungry is a rite of passage many Londoners have experienced. Because, let’s be honest here, there’s not much that’s more satisfying than eating a giant fucking pizza, is there? This t-shirt from Voodoo Ray’s is an advocate of that gospel and will have you delivering a proper pizzaiolo aesthetic wherever you don it.
£15. Buy here.

Yard Sale Pizza t-shirt merch Yard Sale [Official Photo]

Yard Sale Pizza — YSP X Jessie Ware T-shirt

This tee was designed by London-based artist Patrick Schmidt for Yard Sale Pizza’s dangerously delicious Jessie Ware collaboration pizza. Not only will it have you serving looks at the same astonishing rate that Yard Sale Pizza serves slices, but £1 per sale goes to the Nightingale Hammerson charity. Eat good, do good, look good.
£17.50. Buy here.

Pizza Pilgrims pizza t-shirt, merch Pizza Pilgrims [Official Photo]

Pizza Pilgrims — Happiness t-shirt

“Happiness is only real when shared” is a mantra that applies to many important aspects of life. Such as sex or – y’know – feelings. Sharing pizza, however, is not something that comes highly recommended. Eschewing friendship and getting a whole pie all to yourself whenever you visit any Pizza Pilgrims joint in the city is the move to make. Just be wary that if you do that wearing one of their slick t-shirts, you might just end up with the marinara stain of your worst nightmares.
£15. Buy here.

St. John Restaurant pig t-shirt St. John [Official Photo]

St. JOHN — St. JOHN Pig T-shirt

There’s no better way to pay homage to London’s most iconic nose-to-tail restaurant than with one of the most recognisable tees going; a statement piece that’s been donned by an innumerable number of the London dining fooderati. As simple as the restaurant’s pared-back approach to cooking, St. JOHN’s pig logo is printed in black on a white organic Fairtrade Cotton shirt for striking effect. Wear it at your favourite Hackney wine bar for ultimate Eater points.
£24. Buy here.

Bao highball mania t-shirt merch Bao [Official Photo]

BAO — Highball Mania T-shirt

The Highball Mania happy hour at BAO Borough, where from Monday to Wednesday between the hours of 5 and 6.30pm all highball pitchers are 50% off, is an excellent way to get absolutely twatted on high-quality alcohol. Wearing the Highball Mania T-shirt while you’re sat at the bar, double-parked with two Woo-Hi cocktails and a hail mary attitude, is an excellent way to preserve some decorum while you’re at it.
£12.50. Buy here.

Forza Win t-shirt Forza Win [Official Photo]

Forza Win t-shirt

Available in relaxing shades of blue or pink, and printed by Done London on Russell Athletic Heavyweight T-Shirts, the Forza Win t-shirt is a real thing of beauty: a sturdy, aesthetic shirt that’s boxy fit will look great on just about anyone. Just make sure that you’ll be able to hold a conversation for at least fifteen minutes about what biodynamic wine actually is while you’re wearing it. With great power comes great responsibility.
£20. Buy here.

Wine n Rind’s Pecorino “Palace” t-shirt merch Wine n Rind [Official Photo]

Wine n Rind — Pecorino t-shirt

Palace t-shirts are the kind of hypebeast streetwear clobber you’re only allowed to wear if you know the difference between a pop shove-it and a kickflip. This pecorino t-shirt from Tottenham cheese shop, Wine n Rind, is the kind of thing you’re only allowed to wear if you know the difference between an Époisses and a comté.
£25. Buy here.

Ozone Coffee t-shirt, merch Ozone Coffee [Official Photo]

Ozone Coffee — Ozone logo t-shirt

Whether you’re visiting them on Emma Street or Leonard Street, Kiwi coffee roasters Ozone Coffee pour some of the best coffee you’ll find in the city. God knows they’ve helped countless freelancers get through some pretty bleak times. So, as a thank you for all that caffeination, why not nab yourself a nifty Ozone t-shirt? The fact it comes emblazoned with the Ozone logo – a signifier of excellent taste to all who know their beans – is just an added benefit.
£15. Buy here.

Breakfast Club bacon t-shirt merch Breakfast Club [Official Photo]

The Breakfast Club — ‘Winner Winner Bacon Dinner T-shirt’

Designed by graphic designer Mike McCabe, this ‘Winner Winner Bacon Dinner’ T-shirt is a cute and cartoony piece that’ll look just grand while you’re queuing up to take an Instagram snap of The Breakfast Club’s much-feted pancakes at 9am on a Saturday, (for takeaway.)
£18. Buy here.

Climpsons and Sons coffee baseball shirt Climpson & Sons [Official Photo]

Climpson & Sons — Climpson’s Baseball Long Sleeve Shirt

There’s nothing you love more than the smell of freshly ground Brazillian coffee beans in the morning. So, why not show the world just how much of a java jock you are with a baseball tee from east London roastery Climpson & Sons?
£18. Buy here.


A River Cafe-branded tote bag with pink, blue, and yellow geometric patterning

River Cafe — Tote Bag

While I’ve included the River Cafe’s tote bag as the lead item here, I’d be remiss not to mention all the other wonderfully chaotic bits of merch that the River Cafe are selling on their website. There’s this £45 apron made with Michael Nash Associates, a punchy thing to wear when attempting a chocolate nemesis; there’s this £420 Bella Freud jumper adorned with the word “nemesis”, an even punchier thing to wear when attempting a chocolate nemesis; and then there’s this £500 cake plate for putting your shit homemade chocolate nemesis cake on. If that’s not peak River Cafe, I don’t know what is.
£15. Buy here.

A grey tote bag with a white Q in the centre

Quality Wines — Tote Bag

Quality Wines is an excellent restaurant that just so happens to be adjacent to a wine shop filled with excellent produce. There’s no better means of carrying around a few tins of high-qual anchovy fillets and a bottle or two of Riesling than this tote bag. Take it everywhere you go.
£3. Buy here.

A brown bum bag with green En Root branding text

En Root — Bum Bag

Has restaurant merch gone too far? “No,” I say, zipping up my En Root-branded bum bag, “it has not”. The south London vegans at En Root have come up with this bespoke bum bag that is simultaneously the least necessary and most necessary bit of restaurant-related kit I’ve ever seen.
£15. Buy here.

A canvas tote bag with a white wolf silhoutted against a black sky, with Bocca Di Lupo branding

Bocca di Lupo — Tote Bag

You already know that Bocca di Lupo is one of the best places to eat pasta in London but did you also know that they make hard-wearing tote bags? No? Well, you do now. You’re welcome.
£6.50. Buy here.

The best London restaurant merch to buy right now includes this tote bag with a cartoon man sipping coffee from Intermission

Intermission Coffee — Tote bag

West Hampstead coffee shop Intermission Coffee wants to “change the rhythm of the world” and drastically improve your relationship with caffeine. It’s also got a side hustle to make you look really, really cultured while necking a cortado. Intermission’s tote bags come screen-printed in three different colours on a heavyweight recycled cotton and recycled polyester mix with a banging illustration from Tomi Um.
£12. Buy here

The best London restaurant merch to buy right now includes this bagel tote from The Bagel Guys

The Bagel Guys — Tote bag

Netil Market’s resident bagel merchants don’t just specialise in churning out chewy, handrolled bagels which wouldn’t look out of place on the streets of New York. No, no, no — they are also specialise in making excellent merch, too. All of the The Bagel Guys totes and T-shirts, which display the brand’s logo with pride, are available for pickup and home delivery. Stocks are super limited, though, so cop now to avoid missing out.
£10. Buy here

The best London restaurant merch to buy right now includes this grey tote bag from Renegade Urban Winery

Renegade Urban Winery — Tote bag

If you’re after a vessel to carry a couple of bottles of vino in, then you’re in luck. London-based Renegade Urban Winery have made a load of super-thick, heavy fabric tote bags that are perfectly designed for stuffing with bottles and hitting the pavement for your daily government mandated walk.
£10. Buy here

London’s best restaurant merch includes

Cake or Death — Tote bag

This limited edition tote bag is arriving in the east London bakery famed for their cakes more than being dead around mid-November. The pink leopard print design is an eye-catcher, to be sure, but this tote is completely practically as well. Made from heavy duty 10oz canvas, it’s a tote to fill with shopping, books, and a metric ton of fudgy brownies.
£10. Buy here.

London’s best restaurant merch includes this yellow tote with “I love Peckham” written in red

Persepolis — “I Love Peckham” cotton shopper

Do you love Peckham? Well, then you should put your money where your mouth is and show Peckham just how much you love it by buying one of these nifty totes from Persepolis — a Persian deli and restaurant that the neighbourhood loves a lot.
£5.19 – £5.99. Buy here.

London’s best restaurant merch includes this blue tote bag with Provisions deli branding

Provisions — Tote bag

Holloway Road’s Provisions is a wine and cheese shop where one could quite happily do the weekly shop until the day they die. You can buy just about you’d ever want or need from Provision’s online shop. Including the merch which earns it a place on this list. Printed in London, this tote bag — like the rest of Provisions’s offerings — is of excellent quality and can hold up to 8kg of goods.
£10. Buy here.

London’s best restaurant merch includes this Pophams tote bag hanging from a bar

Pophams — Tote bag

Just imagine feeling smug with this tote bag filled to the brim with flaky pastries and a sturdy loaf of sourdough. Most of the wares that comes out of Pophams Bakery are great and this tote bag doesn’t stray from that trend.
£12. Buy here.

London’s best restaurant merch includes this Aries Bakehouse tote bag with a ram design

Aries Bakehouse — Bag for life

Brixton’s Aries Bakehouse specialises in freshly baked pastries, artisanal breads, cookies, cakes, coffee, and a plethora of other edible goodies. To help carry all that goodness, it offers reusable cotton bags — a veritable sac magique, adorned with the bakehouse’s signature ram, that people of any sign can fill with whatever they desire.
£5. Buy here.

London’s best restaurant merch includes this Mind, Body, & Soil tote bag from Jolene

Jolene — Mind, Body & Soil tote bag

Jolene isn’t just a bakery, cafe, and restaurant that serves great eats at pretty much any time of the day. It’s also a bakery, café, and restaurant that sells a range of totes destined to get a few jealous doubletakes. They’re all available in-store at Jolene or Big Jo, but the pick of the bunch is this Mind, Body & Soil tote.
£8. Buy here.

London’s best restaurant merch includes this Quality Chop House tote bag

Quality Chop House — QCH tote bag

This is a lovely cotton tote bag that’ll proudly proclaim Quality Chop-ed-ness to everyone on the street (so, not many people) thanks to the striking black linocut of Quality Chop House’s iconic facade emblazoned on every tote. If a prospective date doesn’t know what this bag is about, it could be time to reconsider.
£5. Buy here.

A Monmouth coffee branded tote bag Monmouth Coffee [Official Photo]

Monmouth Coffee Company — Tote bag

This organic cotton tote bag from Monmouth Coffee Company is made by Re-wrap, a social enterprise based in Mysore, India that specialises in re-usable and sustainable textile products. It’s an ethically sound bag from an ethically sound coffee company — what’s not to like?
£10. Buy here.

A Bread Ahead tote bag and dough scraper Bread Ahead [Official Photo]

Bread Ahead Bakery — Tote bag

These woven tote bags are the ideal size for carrying a large, crusty loaf or two. Made with durable cotton and sturdy handles that’ll suit the heftiest sourdough, this Bread Ahead tote is up for just about any task. It even comes with a complimentary Bread Ahead scraper.
£10. Buy here.

This tote bag from Shoryu is some of the best restaurant merch to buy in London Shoryu [Official Photo]

Shoryu — Gudetama Shoryu Bun Tote Bag

A collaboration between Shoryu and Gudetama — a Japanese cartoon character that suffers from laziness and depression — this is a must-have tote bag for anyone invested in kawaii. The tote, made from 100 percent cotton, features Gudetama and his lovely peachy arse sleeping on one of Shoryu’s soft and fluffy buns. It’s incredible.
£8.40. Buy here.

This tote bag from Chin Chin is some of the best restaurant merch to buy in London Chin Chin Labs [Official Photo]

Chin Chin Labs — Killer ice-cream babe tote bag

Looking like a snack while still giving off the vibe of a stone cold killer, guaranteeing strangers stay 2m away from us at all times, is pretty high up on the agenda at the moment. There’s no better way to do just that than with a tote bag from the ice cream connoisseurs at Chin Chin Labs. One of these around your shoulder will let everyone know you’re a certified “killer ice-cream babe.”
£9.95. Buy here.

Michelin-starred restaurant Lyle’s in Shoreditch sells a very nice navy totebag Lyle’s [Official Photo]

Lyle’s tote bag

Nothing quite says sultry, suave and sophisticated like this tote bag from Lyle’s. Its deep navy hue plays nicely with the restaurant’s name emblazoned in hot white on its side; a bag ensured to let everyone around you know that, yes, you have excellent taste. And no, you may not put your leaky Tupperware anyone near this.
£15. Buy here

Noble Rot wine bar and restaurant totebag Noble Rot [Official Photo]

Noble Rot — Sex & Drugs & Pinot Noir

If you’ve ever seen someone rocking this tote bag while jaunting around London you’ve probably thought to yourself: “God, they look cool. I bet they’ve got their life properly together and haven’t ever bought a bottle of Echo Falls on a Saturday night…” The truth is that none of us actually have our lives together, but this cheeky tote from Noble Rot is a great way to fool people into thinking that you do.
£12. Buy here.

Bodega Rita’s sandwich shop totebags in King’s Cross Bodega Rita’s [Official Photo]

Bodega Rita’s — Tote bag

The sandwiches at Bodega Rita’s cosy King’s Cross sandwich shop were very large and very delicious. Which is why you shouldn’t be surprised that their stylish tote bags are also heavy-duty, screen printed, and made from organic heavy weight cotton. Ideal for tucking a hefty takeaway sandwich inside.
£15. Buy here.

Bao London Taiwanese restaurant tote bag merch Bao

BAO — BAO tote bag

There’s no better canvas bag to have flitting softly next to your buns than this tote from the steamed bun masters at BAO. Adorned with the now-iconic “BAO man”, exhibiting a flawless Guy Fieri hunch, this bag doubles as a fashion statement and an informative how-to guide on the best method for demolishing one of BAO’s perfect confit pork sandwiches.
£7. Buy here.


A colourfully illustrated antipasti plate, featuring birds and flowers in the Solimene style

Gloria — Antipasti plate

Making a dinner in your home feel like a restaurant experience is one of the aims of any serious gourmand, and this signature antipasti plate from the Big Mamma lot is an excellent way to do just that. Whether gracing it with charcuterie or a chubby burrata, this eye-catching plate will make a great centrepiece at the next dinner party. Bringing this crockery into the sanctity of your own kitchen also has an added benefit: no longer having to put up with the endless barrage of influencers at Circolo and Gloria. It’s a win-win really.
£11. Buy here.

A black reusable cup with the white Kaffeine coffee shop logo

Kaffeine — Reusable cup

Kaffeine are selling these nifty reusable cups that you can buy and fill to your heart’s content with quality cortados and rich, buttery flat whites. The only downside is that some people who aren’t in the know might think you can’t spell caffeine. But they don’t matter.
£14. Buy here.

A tea towel with Milk written in burgundy cartoon font, along with its south London postcode

Milk — Milk tea towel

Spilled some orange juice on the counter? Don’t worry. Knocked over that glass of water you promised yourself you’d drink seven of every day? Fear not. This tea towel from the Balham breakfast champs at Milk is ideal for mopping up any messes you make in the kitchen. It’s also ideal if you don’t ever want to forget Milk’s address.
£12. Buy here

An orange Nalgene water bottle with “Just keep drinking” in black cartoon font

Shop Cuvée — Shop Cuvée x Nalgene water bottle 1L

Top Cuvée simply cannot (and will not) stop making sick merch. My favourite bit right now is this large and in-charge Nalgene water bottle. It’ll make hydrating a breeze, and, yes, you can fill it with natural wine if that’s your bag.
£16.99. Buy here.

The best London restaurant merch to buy right now includes posters from P. Franco wine bar designed by Tegan Ella Hendel, including this black design with white text announcing a wine event with Australian winemaker Fred Harrison

P. Franco — Posters

Anyone who’s ever stepped foot in P. Franco will likely have found their eyes drawn to the minimalist posters that deck out the restaurant’s interior. Tegan Ella Hendel is the talented artist and designer to thank; luckily for your living room you can now get your hands on a super limited-run of some of her finest prints.
£75. Buy here

The best London restaurant merch to buy right now includes these white or black face masks emblazoned with “Balady” in blue or white font

Balady — Face mask

Rep one of London’s finest falafel joints in the most 2021 way imaginable by grabbing yourself one of Balady’s face masks the next time you pay them a visit. Priced at just £5, these face masks are a great way to let the whole world know that your mouth, when it’s not sheathed by a protective covering for the good of society, is made to be filled with stacked sabich and fluffy pitta bread.
£5. Buy in-store

The best London restaurant merch to buy right now includes this pink and navy scarf from butcher Hill and Szrok

Hill and Szrok — Scarf

Have a butcher’s at the merch that Hackney butcher shop Hill & Szrok have gone and done. You might be mistaken for being a Dulwich Hamlet F.C. fan from afar, but anyone who gets close enough to matter will see that you’re simply pledging allegiance to one of London’s master butchers instead. These scarves — and a crop of slick T-shirts — are only available for purchase in-store at the moment but they’ll be going online worldwide soon via Merch and Rice. Watch this space
£15. Buy in-store

A doughnut branded pink and white face mask Doughnut Time [Official Photo]

Doughnut Time — Face Mask: Sweetie Pie

This bit of merch goes out to all the eaters that have found difficulty in expressing their emotions while wearing a face mask recently. This adorable machine-washable, double-ply face mask from Doughnut Time won’t be able to hide the fact you’ve got a massive smile on your face from anyone. Be warned though: that smile might just be contagious. If seeking something less pandemic-enforced, Doughnut Time have also got T-shirts, hoodies and jumpers that are glazed in the group’s kitsch branding.
£8.95. Buy here.

A range of colourful baseball caps with the word VINO embossed on the front Passione e Vino [Official Photo]

Passione Vino — Vino caps

Protect heads from the sun, and present an outward image of wino sophistication to the outside world, by donning this cap from Shoreditch wine merchant Passione Vino. They’re garish in the best way imaginable.
£25.00. Buy here.

A Black female model wears the Luminary bakery apron Luminary Bakery [Official Photo]

Luminary Bakery — Luminary apron

Luminary Bakery is a social enterprise aimed at offering women new opportunities to build a future for themselves. Show some love for an excellent cause (and the bakery’s equally excellent baked goods) by purchasing this durable, modish apron.
£20. Buy here.

A blue doughscraper with E5 Bakehouse branding E5 Bakehouse [Official Photo]

E5 Bakehouse — E5 dough scraper

Possibly the most essential tool in the home baker’s kit, this nifty little dough scraper is a must-have for anyone that wants to take their sourdough game to the next level and improve their baking skills from the comfort of their own home.
£2. Buy here.

This apron from Honey and Co is some of the best restaurant merch to buy in London Honey and Co [Official Photo]

Honey and Co. — Traditional Lithuanian linen aprons

Protect yourself from errant kitchen splashes and mishaps with these lovely aprons from the Honey and Co website. Made in Lithuania by Linen Tales, these trad-style linen aprons are super soft (it’s the 100 percent washed linen) and come in a range of striking colours.
£32.50. Buy here.

Clink tea towel Clink [Official Photo]

Clink — Clink Tea Towel

The Clink is an excellent charity that is doing wonders for local communities and prisons alike. So, why not show some love to this great initiative with this simple white and blue tea towel? It’s ideal for reminding yourself, mid-spilled bolognese clean-up, of just how fortunate you really are.
£5.00. Buy here.

London’s best restaurant merch includes this curry puff keyring from Old Chang Kee

Old Chang Kee – Curry puff keyring

Why? Well, why not? This cute and cuddly keyring from Singaporean casual restaurant chain Old Chang Kee will always keep keys safe and secure, and it’ll also always ensure that hankering for one of the outlet’s flaky hot curry puffs.
£8. Buy here.

London’s best restaurant merch includes this Weino bib glass

Weino Bib – Govino glass

Shatterproof, odourless, and BPA-free, Govino glasses are made from an ultra-thin plastic which makes them the perfect purchase for the person that’s smashed one too many wine glasses in their time. This Weino Bib-branded number is ideal for taking out on a picnic or throwing in a bag, whenever in need of an emergency beveragino drink.
£4. Buy here.

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