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The novel coronavirus pandemic turned the restaurant and bar industry upside down, forcing temporary closures, capacity reduction and thousands of job losses. Since restaurants have reopened, some of their lockdown initiatives are running down; since they have closed again for tier three coronavirus restrictions, they are revving back up.

But this doesn’t affect all the long-term changes to London’s food ecosystem, and not everyone is comfortable with going out to restaurants just yet. Grocers and suppliers that serve the best places in the city are sticking with home delivery, and there’s always a wealth of food media to consume, from cookbooks and food books to films, TV, and even restaurant merch.

So here’s the updated guide to eating at home in London: Don’t stay in without it.

Note: Due to the changing nature of the coronavirus pandemic this list will be updated continually. Have a tip, on your own restaurant or another? Email, or use the Eater London tipline.