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Pour One Out for Brannigans, a God-Tier British Crisp

Best-known for its peerless roast beef and mustard, KP has discontinued the brand

Two Brannigans crisp packets from the 1980s, depicting a jolly figure with the flavours roast beef and mustard and mature cheddar and ham
Brannigans crisp packets from the 1980s
Crazy Bout Crisps/Facebook

RIP to a real one

Snack boss KP has discontinued one of Britain’s greatest ever crisps. Brannigans, famous since the 1980s for its thick-cut, sinus-ruining roast beef and mustard flavour, has been cut from the team due to what KP calls “declining demand.” As first documented by Ronseal-emulating Facebook page “Crazy Bout Crisps,” KP’s reasoning is as follows:

“Whilst this product had been cited as a fond favourite, its popularity had regrettably not been shown in consumer demand. In fact, sales of this product had for some time been in a downward trend. Demand from stockists had correspondingly declined. Therefore, sadly, production was no longer commercially viable and the product had to be discontinued. We have no plans in producing these again in the near future.”

The year 2000 was pivotal for Brannigans, as KP scrapped its smart brown packaging for a foil bag and trimmed the flavour range to its two heaviest hitters — the roast beef and mustard and smoked ham and pickle. Rarely seen but treasured for its heftily cut, bravely fried crisps that actually had a bit of caramelisation, where other brands fear to tread, it is indisputably a god-tier crisp.

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