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Guinness’ New Alcohol-Free Beer Is Made of Too Much and Recalled for ‘Microbiological Contamination’

The beer with the slogan “made of more” is recalling all its cans of 0.0 percent stout as a precaution

A can of Guinness 0.0 stout, next to a full pint of the same beer, in a Guinness-branded class with its harp logo
“Microbiological contamination” could make the beer unsafe
Guinness [Official Photo]

Guinness recalls new 0.0 beer over fears of contamination

Guinness 0.0, the Irish stout monolith’s hyped alcohol-free beer, is being recalled across the U.K. and Ireland because of fears of “microbiological contamination.” The beer, which launched last month, has not yet been rolled out to pubs.

Its St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin is the source of the beer and thus the contamination, according to the Guardian, with production suspended in order to establish the cause. A spokesperson for the brand issued a statement, saying:

The issue is isolated to Guinness 0.0 and does not impact any other Guinness variants or brands. If you have bought Guinness 0.0 do not consume it. Instead, please return the product to your point of purchase for a full refund. We are sorry that this has happened.

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