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De Beauvoir Deli Regular Marks Downing Street Departure With Bubbly and Gazpacho

Dominic Cummings’ staged exit from government culminated in a visit to his local provisioner

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Dominic Cummings wears a mask as he walks down a street carrying a plastic bag full of champagne, wine, and gazpacho
The Telegraph captures Dominic Cummings returning from bouji Haggerston deli, De Beauvoir
Geoff Pugh/The Telegraph

A De Beauvoir deli regular was pictured after visiting the Southgate Road provisioner for sparkling wine and Brindisa gazpacho on Friday evening, after resigning/getting sacked from his current job in Westminster.

Dominic Cummings, formerly Boris Johnson’s “top aide,” lockdown-breaker, strategic galaxy brain behind Vote Leave, the “anonymous number 10 source,” and WhatsApp buddy to BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg and her ITV counterpart Robert Peston, left 10 Downing Street in highly contrived fashion on Friday night, after Johnson reportedly ordered him out for briefing against the prime minister and his fiancé, Carrie Symonds. The imminent arrival of Brexit-proper, in which Cummings has forever been a key architect and which he celebrated at, of all places, Pizza Express, is thus far mysteriously absent from most reporting on why he might be leaving now.

Having taken his box of office things, if it is a box of office things at all, the Telegraph photographed Cummings at the tail-end of a visit to De Beauvoir Deli, revealing a predilection for cold Andalusian soup in November as well as sparkling and still wine. There’s a bag of spinach, for good measure, too. Popeye of Barnard Castle? A second photo from a new angle introduced craft beer to the mix, with the Kernel — one of the best brewers in the city — clearly top of the choices.

Cummings was previously photographed at the east London fixture in late November 2019: In the middle of eating a bacon sandwich with mayonnaise smeared on the left-hand-side of his mouth, dressed in one of his “haha, look at my utter disregard for government” tech-bro-wasteman rigs.

Meanwhile, Johnson and his former director of communications Lee Cain, whose resignation supposedly prompted the turn of events which resulted in Cummings’ leaving, are said to have had a singular meal of their own last Sunday: the prime minister cooking sausages while Cain “mashed potato and swede into a lumpy accompaniment.”

It remains to be seen whether Cummings is genuinely out. At least he’ll have more time for his beloved bougie deli.


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