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Black Axe Mangal is back with a dinner and brunch meal kit through Big Night App
Black Axe Mangal is back with a dinner and brunch meal kit through Big Night App
Big Night [Official Photo]

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How to Ship a Taste of London’s Best Restaurants All Over the U.K.

The pick of London restaurants now doing nationwide delivery: Black Axe Mangal flatbreads, Trinidadian doubles, Japanese udon, and Michelin-starred feasts

In these extraordinary times, London’s restaurants continue to do extraordinary things. Closed dining rooms have given way to new delivery-only restaurants, pivots to takeaway and retail, restaurants as grocers, provisioners, traiteurs. And now, in lockdown three, a growing number of London’s best restaurants are shipping their best-loved dishes and ingredients all over the U.K.

Whether out of town in lockdown far from home, in refuge with family out of the city, simply missing the taste of London’s best restaurants, or wishing to give someone else a taste for themselves, the (to-be updated) list below can be used as a guide to the city’s restaurants that are shipping everything from doubles to cassoulet and Michelin-starred feasts to Louisianan shrimp boils — all over the country.

The Black Axe Mangal dinner, brunch combination
The Black Axe Mangal dinner, brunch combination
Big Night [Official Photo]

Black Axe Mangal Dinner and Brunch

What to order: Black Axe Mangal was one of the first London restaurants to close as the COVID-19 crisis hit the capital last March. Since then, it has laid extremely low, not reemerging for takeaway, delivery, or meal kits. Until now. It has joined up with lockdown delivery service Big Night App with a dinner-brunch combo, bringing back a number of BAM classics. For dinner: Lamb offal flatbread; hispi cabbage and fermented shrimp butter; mapo tofu noodles, Mission spice and pickles; cream egg fondant cookie and Luxardo cherries. For brunch: A “Jumbo” Rueben flatbread, Russian dressing and ready salted Walkers crisps; plus a packet of BAM x BUZZ cherry coke sour sweets. (And some “freebie” Jameson snifters.)

How to order: £85 in total. Two meals for two people. Delivering nationwide through Big Night.

St. John’s cassoulet is available through Dishpatch.
St. John’s cassoulet is available through Dishpatch
Sam A Harris/St. John

St. John’s Cassoulet

What to order: Well, cassoulet. That’s all there is. It does however come served with 50ml of five-year-aged Somerset cider brandy, because that’s how St. John’s Fergus Henderson rolls: Anglo-Franco minimalism, rich, decadent. “A cassoulet is one of the best dishes ever and it always hits the spot,” Henderson says.

How to order: £60 for two — available, in multiples of two (up to 10) for delivery nationwide through Dishpatch, on 9 April.

The Clove Club’s tasting menu
The Clove Club [Official Photo]

The Clove Club’s Michelin-Starred blow-out

What to order: The Clove Club’s at-home tasting menu by chef Isaac McHale launches almost a year after the pandemic first closed the restuarant. The team say they wanted to get it right. They also say that they hope it outlasts the crisis. For now, it will change every month and can be ordered for up to four people. Snacks include ogleshield cheese puffs, cod’s roe, and smoked ricotta with crudites and hemp bread crackers; while the five-course menu proper includes glazed Dartmoor beef, Jerusalem artichoke, and pickled walnut, and much more. The meal takes around two hours and only requires a few simple finishing touches. Options to add a selection of cheeses or Petrossian caviar are available. Wine and soft drinks pairings, too, naturally.

How to order: £95 per person. Deliveries are nationwide. Order by Monday 10 p.m. for deliveries on Friday.

Empire Biryani feasting biryani available for national delivery
Empire Biryani
Dispatch [Official Photo]

The “Emperor’s Feast” from Empire Biryani

What to order: Whether a cosy dinner for two or a proper feast for 10, Empire Biryani has it covered. Choose either a meat and vegetarian option: The former includes beef boti kebab and lamb biryani; the latter with paneer tikka and shahi mushroom biryani. The Burani raita, Hyderabadi salan, and the triple chocolate brownie are common to both menus.

How to order: £50 for two via Dishpatch’s online portal. Delivery is nationwide on Fridays, and the meal just needs to be heated.

Corn, shrimp, potatoes, andouille on newspaper in a shrimp boil, with Crystal hot sauce and beers
Chef Tom Browne’s shrimp boil

A Louisianan Shrimp Boil from Decatur

What to order: One of the standout meal kits to emerge from the pandemic in London: Chef Tom Browne’s shrimp boil, pictured, has become one of the most familiar food symbols of lockdown three — a posted DIY medley of fresh shrimp, corn, potatoes, andouille, garlic butter and a “Decaturains” secret seasoning blend of 12 herbs and spices. All for £40 — delivered across London and nationwide.

How to order: A popular lockdown choice — the kit keeps getting sold out — prices start at £37.50 (with no sausage). Delivery via local or nationwide courier every Friday.

A Mother’s Day restaurant kit from The Wolseley, comprising a plate of scrambled eggs on toast with salmon and caviar, champagne, tea, and truffles
A Mother’s Day restaurant kit from The Wolseley
The Wolseley [Official Photo]

The Classics from the Wolseley’s Corbin and King

What to order: Attempt to recreate a classic Corbin and King meal at home, choosing — and indeed mixing it up — from restaurants across the group. Try the Wolseley’s wiener schnitzel and lingonberry compote, Zedel’s steak haché et frites, Soutine’s coq au Riesling, the Delaunay’s mushroom stroganoff, and more. Or, next week, opt for the special Mother’s Day menu kit.

How to order: Via the Wolseley’s online shop. Recommended ordering a day before. Delivery via DPD courier.

Darjeeling Express’s biryani by Chef’s Table star and London chef Asma Khan
Darjeeling Express’s biryani
Big Night [Official Photo]

Darjeeling Express’s ‘With love, from me to you’ menu

What to order: Chef Asma Khan’s Darjeeling Express opened just before lockdown 2.0 in November. It has since had to rely on deli takeaway customers, local delivery, and now, national sales of its curries, biryanis, and slow-cooked Mughlai dishes.

How to order: Seven-course menu for two costs £98 via Big Night. Order by Tuesday at 11 p.m. for Friday delivery.

Roti canai at Roti King, reopened in Euston
Roti canai at Roti King
Ola Smit/Eater London

Roti King’s Malaysian Street Feast

What to order: Chef Sugen Gopal’s cult-followed Malaysian favourite Roti King is delivering a meal for two nationwide. The offer includes all the classic and most delicious dishes, including Malaysian Tamil-style chicken curry, dhal, the signature roti canai, Mamak Mee Goreng (fried noodles) and Kang Kung (stir-fried morning glory).

How to order: £55 via Dishpatch’s online portal. Nationwide delivery is available on Fridays. “A regular box is a generous serving for 2 people,” it says online. Those dishes have a three-day shelf-life and simply need to be heated before eating.

Goila Butter Chicken
Goila Butter Chicken
Goila Butter Chicken [Official Photo]

Goila Butter Chicken

What to order: This meal, for two, can be assembled in 15 minutes, and includes a generous portion of butter chicken (charred thigh meat and way more gravy than one needs — a good thing), rich with tomato, cashew, methi, and cream; dal; two small naan; and reheat-in-the-bag cumin-flecked rice. Very easy. Very satisfying.

How to order: £45 for two — through the Ticket Tailor portal.

Brawn, on Columbia Road, Hackney, one of London’s best restaurants

Mediterranean comfort food from Brawn

What to order: One of London’s hippest neighbourhood bistros has pivoted to full-on provisioner and takeaway restaurant since last summer, offering the likes of cassoulet, pissaladière, moussaka, pork and ricotta meatballs, and potato, leek, and Tunworth gratin — now, nationwide.

How to order: Via Brawn’s online shop. Nationwide overnight delivery is offered three times a week with deliveries scheduled every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Cut off is 48 hours before.

A spread of Hausa suya, grilled beef spiced with yaji, served on white plates with a salad of lettuce, tomato, and raw onion. Alhaji Suya

Suya and kilishi from Alhaji Suya

What to order: London’s preeminent suya specialist — currently relocated to Greenwich — is offering 1kg of its melting, tender tozo ready to dredge in yaji for £29.99. To be clear, this is a stellar deal. Pair it with kilishi, its dried, tantalisingly chewy cousin.

How to order: Via the Alhaji Suya website. Delivery in London is same or next day, while nationwide is 24-72 hours. Suya comes with instructions on reheating and serving.

A spread of pork chashu udon; crab, tomato, and winter sorrel soup; and otsukemono pickles in earthenware shot from above on a wood background Koya/Dishpatch

Udon Bansan and Udon/Dashi from Koya

What to order: One of London’s most inimitable, outstanding restaurants has entered the meal kit universe with a typically composed, comforting offering centred around chashu udon. Tangy otsukemono, a crab, tomato, and winter sorrel surinagashi that is a study in sprightly umami, and a sweet red bean ozenzai with poached figs orbit the main event.

How to order: Via Koya’s Dishpatch page. Nationwide delivery is available on Fridays, in multiples of two portions.

Koya Mail: Koya now has a direct delivery service of vacc-packed udon and dashi, which can be ordered through the Koya Mail portal.

Nigerian tapas restaurant Chuku’s “Chop Chat Chill” kit
Chuku’s “Chop Chat Chill” kit
Chuku’s [Official Photo]

Chuku’s “Chop Chat Chill” Nigerian wrap kit

What to order: This meal kit for two from Emeka and Ifeyinwa Frederick’s Nigerian tapas restaurant Chuku’s includes the ingredients to build four wraps at home. It contains Jollof quinoa; a choice of beef, chicken, or tofu; salad, and sauces such as the hot ata din din or sweet honey suya. The duo have also included a hand-picked selection of Nigerian film, music and art recommendations for customers to access through a QR code.

How to order: Nationwide delivery on Fridays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. £25. Worth adding a side of suya meatballs, though.

Ingredients and instructions from JKS’ Ambassador General Store — including Michelin-starred Gymkhana, Michelin-starred Trishna, and Brigadiers from the Bloomberg Arcade in the City Adam Coghlan

Curries from Gymkhana et al.

What to order: The group behind Michelin-starred Indian restaurants Gymkhana and Trishna, and south Asian sports bar and grill Brigadiers is offering many of its restaurants’ most well-known dishes via delivery nationwide. Picks include Brigadiers’ butter chicken wings, Gymkhana’s muntjac biryani, and Trishna’s hariyali bream. For a full list of dishes, as well as meal kit and feasting options, browse the online retail portal — Ambassador General Store — created by JKS Restaurants in lockdown 1.

How to order: Select either feasting meals for two or four diners, or as many individual dishes as you wish through the online portal. Delivery dates, which nationwide take place on Wednesdays and Fridays, can be selected once the dishes or meals have been added to the basket.

To order from its sister restaurant’s online stores — including Bao, Lyle’s, and Sabor — click here.

Quality Chop House’s Pies and More

What to order: Pot au feu; coq au vin; cheddar, leek, and mushroom pie; confit potatoes and other classics from one of London’s best Anglo-Franco restaurants. Other bits worth ordering: chicken liver parfait, the world’s best pork pies, smoked, whipped cod’s roe, and the elitest of elite vintage extra virgin olive oils. Oh, and there’s a fresh meat counter too. The bangers are absolute bangers. And lastly, a vast wine offering.

How to order: Nationwide deliveries take place every Wednesday and Friday from the restaurant. Order via the Quality Chop House shop online and note that the meals change each week.

The pasta production process that hasn’t stopped at Ombra since March
The pasta production process that hasn’t stopped at Ombra since March 2020
Michaël Protin/Eater London

Ombra Pasta and Sauces

What to order: Fresh pasta, including pretty tortellini, join a vast selection of sauces and store cupboard items from Ombra’s pandemic-proof and pandemic-proven pastificio and alimentari online. Right now, it’s difficult to look beyond the cimi di rapa, anchovy, and chilli sauce. Nor, family sized lasagnes for Sundays.

How to order: Choose from pasta, sauces, oils and vinegars, wines, and merch at Ombra’s online shop.

Limin’ Beach Club’s Saga Boy Doubles

What to order: Owner Sham Mahabir’s new brand “Saga Boy Doubles Doubles”, brings what he’s calling the first national delivery of the savoury Trinidadian snack comprising fried bara, chana massala and condiments such as kuchela, tamarind, and pepper sauce.

How to order: Online, via Limin’s website. £40 for 10 doubles (20 bara, 1 kg chana, and condiments) including next day-delivery. (£25 for five doubles, including delivery.)

Chishuru’s pork asun, by chef Adejoké Bakare in Brixton, available via restaurant delivery service Dishpatch through the coronavirus lockdown
Chishuru’s pork asun
Dishpatch [Official Photo]

Chishuru’s Pork Asun feast

What to order: One of London’s best restaurants to have opened in the past year —Chishuru’s Adejoké’s Bakare is offering a feast for (nationwide) delivery. It includes cassava fritters with coconut sauce; pork belly asun — spiced pork with charcoal-cooked peppers and onion — jollof rice, pepper sauce, kale salad; and degue-spiced millet, with yoghurt and pear poached in syrup.

How to order: £55 via Dishpatch’s online portal. Nationwide delivery is available on Fridays. “A regular box is a generous serving for 2 people,” it says online. Those dishes have a three-day shelf-life and simply need to be heated before eating.

A Parsi biryani shot from above in a cast-iron bowl Dishpatch [Official Photo]

Parsi biryani from Farokh Talati

What to order: The St. John Bread and Wine head chef’s line in Parsi supper clubs has long been one of the best culinary side-projects in the city, and it’s now available for nationwide delivery. The centrepiece is a chicken biryani based around brined chicken legs and thighs, anchored in the heady fragrance of dhansak masala, a spice blend that exemplifies the Persian and Gujarati hybridity of the cuisine. It’s ably supported by sides of kachumber, dhansak dal, and pickled mango chutney.

How to order: Via Dishpatch, in multiples of two starting at £45. It’s £90 for four people, £135 for six, and up. Delivery is nationwide, on Fridays.

Westfield London will bring Bleecker Burger to Shepherds Bush shopping centre
Bleecker Burger’s cheeseburger
Bleecker Burger/Old Spitalfields Market

Cheeseburgers and vegetarian patties from Bleecker Burger

What to order: One of the best burgers in London is now available via delivery alongside a very good vegetarian version of the same burger, in singles and doubles, and twos and fours.

How to order: Via delivery portal greatfood2u, Zan Kaufman Bleecker currently delivers its burger kits every Friday and Saturday. For example, two double cheeseburgers, two vegetarian Symplicity burgers (for four) costs £27.50. It includes: four Bleecker beef patties; two vegetarian burger patties; four buns; six American cheese slices; an 8 oz bottle of Bleecker’s house sauce; and Bleecker “secret seasoning.”

Monty’s is looking to sell its flagship site on Hoxton Street Maria Nakhmanovich

Monty’s Reuben Sandwich

What to order: One of London’s trendiest and most celebrated Jewish delis and sandwich shops is now sending its salt beef and pastrami reubens and smoked salmon bagels all over the country.

How to order: Through Monty’s website — sandwich packs are priced between £15 and £50.