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Boris Johnson Wants Britain’s Food Shops to Bounce by the Ounce Once Again

Grocers, butchers, food merchants, and recipe writers everywhere can once again debate what 25 grams actually is

Boris Johnson weighing teabags in 2019
“One kilogr— wait, no, it’s uh...”
Daniel Leal-Olivas/Getty

Restaurant blackboards everywhere suffer existential crisis

Google “how much is an ounce,” and don’t expected to be greeted with a concise explainer of the conversion between grams and its 25-28 strong quantifier, depending on which recipe book one asks.

But chefs, restaurateurs, and harangued front-of-house staff writing on daily blackboards may have to venture into the search engine soon, because Boris Johnson and his government wish to bring back imperial measurements as a “Brexit benefit.” Of course, this will not be binding and will in no way overrule the uneasy detente between pounds and kilograms that Britain has adopted, but it will at least be interesting to see which restaurants, other than Boisdale, take their cues from it and start pricing their steaks by the lb to get diners to bounce by the ounce.

And yes, puritans, the top result is about cannabis.

And in other news...