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Boris Johnson’s ‘Build Back Better’ Campaign Clearly Hasn’t Reached His Online Food Output

A series of cringe culinary malapropisms won’t distract from the current Brexit-induced nightmare

Boris Johnson sits drinking a pint of beer while wearing a suit
A range of awkward videos includes “Build back bitter.”
Jacob King/AFP

Boris Johnson has reentered one of his preferred cultural genres — the cringing political video slogan — and once again, tied it to food. First there was the “oven ready” Brexit deal; then there was the culinary confessional before the 2019 general election. Now, tied to the “Build Back Better” slogan for Conservative party conference — a slogan, indeed, shared with U.S. president Joe Biden — come a trio of food and drink videos all revolving around words that sound a bit like “better,” but are not better than “better,” and are therefore the worst. Here, now, the three clips straight from food hell:

“Build Back Bitter”: an English political classic, this, appealing to pubco patriotism.

“Build Back Batter”: A seemingly strong, but in fact fragile carapace holding back a White Centre. Choose your own metaphor for Britain.

“Build Back Butter”: Appalling technique.

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