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In London, Justin and Hailey Bieber Do Not Follow the Crowd

Two years ago the A-Lister couple went to an innocuous greasy spoon. This morning, they took coffee from Benugo

Is this the definition of normcore in 2021? The A-Listers’s A-Listers picturing themselves drinking coffee from a middling London cafe-chain — decked out in Now That’s What I Call 90s beige — then sharing the cup-holding shot before 208 million followers on Instagram.

Perhaps it is. Or it could just be that Justin and Hailey Bieber — who are currently in London — like average coffee, don’t care about speciality coffee, don’t care about “cool” coffee, belieb the best coffee is the coffee closest to their hotel, or maybe they just absolutely love Benugo coffee. It’s likely we will never know.

But what we do know is that the Biebers have form: In 2018, the couple were spotted in a very unshowy north London greasy spoon wherein they allegedly ordered and ate a “bespoke vegetarian meal”. Chiltern Firehouse or Gymkhana this was not.

The explanation coming from inside Benugo is that the Biebers belieb in Benugo’s environmental mission: “Justin Bieber spotted drinking Benugo coffee days after we announce that we have launched 100 percent carbon neutral coffee menu (which is a first on the high street) — coincidence?” a spokesperson suggested to Eater this afternoon.


Maybe not.

Regardless, it was certainly a moment. GQ’s style editor Zak Maoui summed it up perfectly when describing the scene thus. “Biebers doing Benugo is so #monday.”

“reject pret embrace benugo,” came the reply from High Snobiety’s Tora North.

Cheers to that and cheers to the Biebers.