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Paddington Bear

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The Best and Worst Food Tweets of 2021

Nigella Lawson’s crisp cauldron, Paddington’s marmalade, and the tweets that shattered food media

Paddington Bear’s disavowal of marmalade features in the best food tweets of the year.
| Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images

It is the tradition at Eater to end the year with a survey of friends, contributors, rovers of the industry, and professional eaters. Even a year like this one. For 2021, the group were asked 13 questions, covering the best meals and the worst tweets alongside 2022 predictions and dining standbys. Their answers will appear throughout this week, with responses relayed in no particular order; cut and pasted below.

Following the best newcomers, restaurant standbys, best meals, restaurant openings to watch in 2022, and best and worst food moments of 2021, it’s time for........ The food media’s accounts. Here are the best and worst food tweets of 2021.

Adam Coghlan, Editor, Eater London:

James Hansen, Assistant Editor, Eater London:

Anna Sulan Masing, food writer and Eater London contributor: Any tweet that brings food and animals together. And all the food people & writers’ animal posts — shout out to international friends, Pinky and Benny, big love for local lads Hamilton and Doris. I am here for wholesome Twitter in the food world. Here for pets getting social media famous.

Jonathan Nunn, food writer and Eater London contributor: The tweet is from 2018 but Dawn’s words live forever

Sejal Sukhadwala, food writer and Eater London contributor: Nothing really stands out, but this was pretty funny.

Emma Hughes, writer and Eater London contributor:

George Reynolds, writer and Eater London contributor: After Longboys and Coqfighter, are we really that far off from a Blowjob Brothers rollout?

Feroz Gajia, restaurateur and Eater London contributor:

Ed Cumming, writer and restaurant critic: All of Bob Granleese’s tweets after 10 p.m., especially the ones personally addressed to me.

Daisy Meager, food writer and Eater London contributor: Anything and everything Nigella tweets.

Angela Hui, food writer and Eater London contributor: Nigella’s crisps cauldron and the recently replenished crisps cauldron.

David Jay Paw, food writer and Eater London contributor:

Sean Wyer, writer, researcher and Eater London contributor: Take all of the times Nigella has complimented her followers’ cooking, and roll them into one. That’s my joint-favourite food tweet of 2021.