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Michelin Reminds London That Dudes Rock With This Year’s Special Awards

One city; three awards; five lads

Three chefs, with the one in the centre wearing black and the one either side wearing white; the centre holds a black and red Michelin star award.
The Selby brothers receive their ‘Young Chef Award’ from Michelin for 2022 at Evelyn’s Table.

Following its “thanks for playing” Michelin Bib Gourmands, the rubber restaurant overlord has bestowed London with three “special awards” in anticipation of this year’s Michelin stars. The theme? A familiar one for Michelin: dudes rock.

It has given three awards to London restaurant figures: one chef, three brothers who are also chefs, and one sommelier. The latter is Isa Bal, co-founder of Bermondsey restaurant Trivet with Jonny Lake, acclaimed for “his fascinating wine list and his passionate approach, particularly to lesser-known regions.”

The former is Phil Howard, formerly of the Square in its Michelin-starred heyday and now at Elystan Street in Kensington. According to Michelin, “a real “chefs’ chef”, Philip has also helped forge the careers of many other successful chefs.” Chefs! Chefs! Chefs!

From chefs, chefs, chefs to chef, chef, chef with the Young Chef(s) award, which goes to Luke, Nathaniel, and Theo Selby. The three brothers are behind the food at Evelyn’s Table in Soho, which is also an Eater London prediction for a first star this year. Bibendum says their “infectious enthusiasm for their craft is a joy to witness.”

In sum: chefs are dudes, and dudes rock. Thanks, Michelin.