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A chef plates an artful dish of mushroom suya.
Plating a dish of mushroom suya at Ikoyi, the newly two-Michelin-starred London restaurant.
Tomas Jivanda

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Get to Know London’s New Michelin-Starred Restaurants for 2022

The Red Guide handed out nine new stars to London restaurants this year: here’s everything to know

The Michelin Guide has revealed the all new 2022 Michelin Guide to Great Britain and Ireland: not in a stilted, digital-only, sometimes surprising, but often predictable live event, but on Twitter. In total across the capital, the tyre company’s famous restaurant index included seven new one-star restaurants, two new two-stars, and no new three-Michelin-starred restaurants.

Here’s everything you need to know about all nine new or promoted Michelin-starred restaurants in London: who’s behind them, where they are, what they serve, and what they had to say about their new status.

Two Michelin stars

Masked chefs buzz around a bright blue, light-filled pass at The Clove Club in Shoreditch.
Mid-service at the Clove Club, in Shoreditch, which now has two Michelin stars.
The Clove Club

The Clove Club

Who’s behind it: Chef Isaac McHale, and restaurateurs Daniel Willis and Johnny Smith.
Cuisine: Modern British.
Opened: 2013 after a then-novel crowdfunding campaign, before winning its first Michelin star in 2014.
Where is it: Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old Street, Shoreditch EC1V 9LT
What Michelin said: “The Clove Club is now at the height of its powers and we’ve enjoyed some spectacular dishes from Isaac McHale and his team over recent times. Whether it’s hazelwood grilled red mullet with stuffed green pepper, or dry-aged Middlewhite pork with spicy rhubarb, his plates are imaginative and detailed, but never overcrowded or overly complicated. His food is a joy to eat.”
What the restaurant said: “Thrilled, excited, a little nervous and immensely thankful to be awarded our second Michelin Star. More than anything, this one is an enormous reward for all of the team that pulled together throughout our most difficult year as a restaurant and lifted us to new heights.” —Isaac McHale.


Who’s behind it: Chef Jeremy Chan and restaurateur Iré Hassan-Odukale.
Cuisine: Internationalist luxury, with a focus on ingredients indigenous to West Africa.
Opened: 2017, before winning its first Michelin star in October 2018.
Where is it: 1 St James’s Market, St. James’s SW1Y 4AH
What Michelin said: “Jeremy Chan at Ikoyi is another chef who has been constantly striving to take his restaurant to the next level. His surprise menu allows him to really focus on – and perfect – every element of the meal. With his aged turbot with artichoke miso dish, he makes a stunning piece of fish all the more memorable with a wonderful chicken broth. His beef dishes, which have always been a highlight, have become even better.”
What the restaurant said: “This is hugely significant recognition for Ikoyi and for everything the restaurant stands for. We set out to bring something new that had never been done before and sat outside usual gastronomic restaurant categories. To be recognised by Michelin in this way, is testament to the collective belief and effort of everyone in the restaurant and especially the farmers, fishermen, producers and loyal guests who have all been part of our journey.” —Jeremy Chan

“We simply couldn’t be prouder. It’s been a whirlwind few years and we’d like to thank everyone involved for their hard work and determination.” —Iré Hassan-Odukale

A pink-orange porcelain bowl filled with red mullet and red sauce at Ikoyi.
A dish of red mullet at Ikoyi in St. James’s.

One Michelin star

Evelyn’s Table

Who’s behind it: Chefs Luke Selby, Nat Selby, and Theo Selby, alongside sommelier Honey Spencer and backers Zoe and Layo Paskin of The Palomar and the Barbary.
Cuisine: Delicate, with a balance between British, French and Japanese influences.
Opened: February 2018.
Where is it: The Blue Posts, 28 Rupert Street, Soho W1D 6DJ
What Michelin said: “This 12-seater counter restaurant has two sittings each evening, and a subterranean speakeasy vibe. Watch Head Chef Luke Selby and his brothers Nat and Theo as they craft sophisticated dishes using a mix of French and Japanese techniques.”
What the restaurant said: “Evelyn’s Table is the first restaurant where my brothers and I have been free to cook and create food in our own style. For this reason, it’s an honour to be recognised by Michelin yesterday and today.” —Luke Selby


Who’s behind it: Woongchul Park and Bomee Ki.
Cuisine: Classical European with Korean accents.
Opened: August 2020.
Where is it: Unit 1, 8 Melior Street, Southwark SE1 3QP
What Michelin said: “Located down a little side street near the Shard is this extremely likeable restaurant, run by a husband-and-wife team. They both hail from Korea, but met while training in London, and their cooking combines techniques and flavours from their homeland with a French style to create dishes that are polished, poised and unique.”
What the restaurant said: “I can’t express with just one word or short sentences. This means a lot to me as I believe that I’ve always had higher standard about the Michelin guide than any others [...] I always aim to live with full of happiness all the time with people who I love and that is sort of my goal in life.

“And the Michelin star is one of the most happiness that I can get as a chef. But, I have lots of precious things around me always especially my family, friends and myself as it is :) I believe our life is not just about achievement but happiness. And this award gave me lots of happiness and motivation to go further.” —Woongchul Park

A slice of tarte tatin with a small blob of cream.
Daikon tarte tatin with chive cream, at Sollip.


Who’s behind it: Chef Santiago Lastra and backers MJMK.
Cuisine: British ingredients refracted through Mexican traditions and methods.
Opened: October 2020.
Where is it: 9 Seymour Street, Marylebone W1H 7BA
What Michelin said: “At the UK’s first Mexican Star, the chefs take traditional recipes from various regions of Mexico and add their own modern, creative touches. The resulting set menu of colourful, imaginative and vibrant dishes will have you gripped from the first bite to the last.”
What the restaurant said: “Despite countless obstacles thrown at us this award is recognition of the hard work, resilience and great attitude that my team bring to KOL every day. I have the upmost respect, love and gratitude for each of them, led by our incredible head chef, Ben Morgan and general manager, Edie Jobson. They not only make my dreams possible, they push me to become a better person and professional.

“I am so proud of my country. Mexico deserves to be more recognised, and I hope this can help to shine a light on the indigenous people, traditional cooks, and family that are my constant inspiration.

“Mexico, this is for you. From the home cooks and family traditions that we grew up with, to the incredible Indigenous communities that inspire our work and ground our culture, thank you for being a constant source of wonder and creativity.” —Santiago Lastra

A chef pours sauce over kohlrabi.
Pouring a pumpkin aguachile over a kohlrabi ceviche at Kol.
Michael Prötin


Who’s behind it: Chef Jonny Lake and master sommelier Isa Bal.
Cuisine: Modern European with some Japanese influences.
Opened: October 2019.
Where is it: 36 Snowsfields, Southwark SE1 3SU
What Michelin said: “Trivet’s two owners are both alumni of The Fat Duck and have pooled their extensive experience to create a restaurant that gets everything right. Chef Jonny Lake produces fuss-free dishes of great clarity using prime ingredients, while the personable Isa Bal – Winner of the Michelin ‘Sommelier Award 2022’ – expertly handles the wine. The charming service team add to the experience.”
What the restaurant said: “We are extremely grateful to have the team’s talent, hard work and dedication acknowledged by Michelin inspectors this year, particularly following an incredibly difficult period for hospitality.” —Jonny Lake.

Pieces of roast pigeon, plated with vegetables and fruits.
Roast pigeon, persimmon, and chevril root at Trivet.


Who’s behind it: Executive chef Surender Mohan and the Nair family.
Cuisine: Modern Indian.
Opened: Late 2016.
Where is it: 8 Mount Street, Mayfair W1K 3NF
What Michelin said: “London’s list of Michelin-starred Indian restaurants is the envy of many cities, and this smartly dressed restaurant is a firm favourite with all those who love Indian food. The menus include plenty of vegetarian options and look to all parts of India, with a slight bias towards the north.”
What the restaurant said: “We are so thrilled to regain this prestigious accolade. It’s a huge credit to Surender and the team and testament to our relentless fight to win this back during such a challenging time.” —Samyukta Nair

“I am honoured to be recognised by such a respected association and would like to thank all of those who have kept supporting us throughout these past few years.” —Surender Mohan

Wild Honey

Who’s behind it: Chef-owner Anthony Demetre, a respected veteran.
Cuisine: Contemporary French.
Opened: May 2019.
Where is it: 8 Pall Mall, St. James’s SW1Y 5NG
What Michelin said: “This brasserie de-luxe occupies a Grade II listed former banking hall and boasts a certain grandeur, without being overly formal. Anthony Demetre’s cooking has always been marked by a refreshing lack of pomposity and showmanship – his dishes might look quite simple, but they really deliver in flavour.”
What the restaurant said: “I am fortunate enough to have been in this position many times over my career and the feeling on getting the star is unparalleled in the culinary world. But what makes me so happy is the fact that this is a first for many of the young team at Wild Honey and I couldn’t be more proud. The dedication, passion, loyalty and sheer hard work put in over what has been a truly testing year has been immeasurable. These guys are the next generation and this is for them.” —Anthony Demetre

Chef-owner Anthony Demetre on the pass at Wild Honey St. James
Chef-owner Anthony Demetre on the pass at Wild Honey St. James.
Wild Honey St James

The Frog by Adam Handling

Who’s behind it: Chef Adam Handling, a former Masterchef contestant.
Cuisine: Fussy, technical European with a “fun” / nostalgic side.
Opened: September 2017.
Where is it: 34 — 35 Southampton Street, Covent Garden WC2E 7HG
What Michelin said: “Adam Handling’s flagship restaurant keeps up with the times: it’s fun, well-run, and offers carefully crafted cooking served by a friendly team. Adam’s set menus are founded on classical techniques but he blends them with playfulness and originality to produce delicious dishes which are also beautiful to look at.”
What the restaurant said: “I can’t believe we’ve bloody done it! —Adam Handling

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