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‘Killing Eve’ Season 4 Takes One of London’s Hottest Restaurants to Havana

Sessions Arts Club makes an appearance in a scene between Villanelle and Carolyn that descends into a chase

Jodie Comer in the dining room at Sessions Arts Club
Jodie Comer in the dining room at Sessions Arts Club, standing in for El Hombre de Dos Caras in Killing Eve.
BBC America

Killing Eve has continued its penchant for filming in London restaurants. In episode four of the fourth season, Jodie Comer’s Villanelle and Fiona Shaw’s Carolyn sit in the dining room of El Hombre de Dos Caras — The Man With Two Faces — which is in fact none other than one of the best restaurants of 2021: Sessions Arts Club, in Clerkenwell.

Villanelle and Carolyn play “truth or dare” while sitting in the cracked grandeur of Sessions’ beautiful dining room, whose faded pastel interiors and beams of light streaming in through its faded arch window stand in admirably for the Cuban capital. So admirably, that when the scene descends into chaos and Villanelle chases a man very familiar to Carolyn out of the restaurant and down its steps, the fact that he runs out not into Clerkenwell, but into Havana will only be a shock to those who recognise Florence Knight and Jonny Gent’s restaurant from the get-go.

Killing Eve has previously filmed in New Malden’s Korean restaurants and even a Michelin star — Jason Atherton’s City Social in Tower 42 — but this is without a doubt its most zeitgeisty and transportive location yet. Stay tuned for any other further sightings, and whether or not Sandra Oh’s Eve gets to go for a flash meal anytime soon.