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The Ironic Thing About Inflation Is That It Makes Chocolate Bars Shrink

Dairy Milk’s sharing bar will decrease in weight by 10 percent, but the price will stay the same

General View Of A Cadbury’S Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar.
A Dairy Milk sharing bar will shrink in size.
John Phillips/UK Press via Getty Images

The more things change, the more Dairy Milk chocolate bars shrink while the price stays the same. Mondelez, whose 2021 net revenues were around 29 billion dollars, will shrink the 200g Dairy Milk down to 180g while keeping the price steady at £2, blaming a combination of rising production costs and inflation for the decision. The company said:

“We’re facing the same challenges that so many other food companies have already reported when it comes to significantly increased production costs – whether it’s ingredients, energy or packaging – and rising inflation.”

The decision comes as said inflation puts severe pressure on consumers, particularly U.K. households living in poverty. New data for February 2022 looking at food and drink prices showed a rise of inflation of 5.3 percent compared to February 2021, with milk, meat, and coffee the worst affected products.

South London neighbourhood restaurateur goes west

Robin Gill, behind Bermondsey Larder (formerly The Dairy), Darby’s, and now-closed The Manor and Counter Culture, will open a new restaurant in Kensington called Maria G’s.

Tacos on the roof in King’s Cross

The Standard Hotel will add a “taco truck” from Decimo, its flagship restaurant, to its food offering.

All change in E17

Former 40 Maltby Street chef Alex Vines’s stand-out residency at Lighthaus Cafe in Walthamstow is over. Missy, run by Clare Geraghty and Rona Jones, will take over.