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A flour tortilla, warmed on a plancha, puffs up. Sonora taqueria
A puffing flour tortilla on the grill at Sonora.
Michaël Protin/Eater London

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The Restaurant Openings to Look Forward to in 2023

What are the end-of-year committee most excited about for the next 12 months?

It is the tradition at Eater to end the year with a survey of friends, contributors, rovers of the industry, and professional eaters. Even a year like this one. For 2022, the group were asked 12 questions, covering the best meals and the worst moments alongside 2023 predictions and dining standbys. Their answers will appear throughout this week, with responses relayed in no particular order; cut and pasted below.

So far, Year in Eater has covered the best newcomers, restaurant standbys, best meals, saddest closures, biggest surprises, and key moments of the year. Now, it’s time for the London restaurants that Eater’s editors and writers are most looking forward to in 2023.

Adam Coghlan, Editor, Eater London: Sonora having an actual taqueria should be very cool; so too should Homies on Donkeys having the same; Ombra bakery Forno should bring decent Roman pizza to Hackney; Joké Bakare’s Chishuru 2.0; Brat 3.0 in Soho; but moreso from Ben Chapman’s growing Super 8 group, the debut restaurant from Meedu Saad.

James Hansen, Associate Editor, Eater London: Rambutan, Anan, Chishuru 2.0, Sonora 2.0, Hottest Insta Chef redux, Meedu Saad’s upcoming restaurant.

Nyasha Oliver, food writer and Eater London contributor: Sichuan Fry, its opening was delayed in October until further notice and I think it could be a game changer for spicy foodies like myself. The selection from their Instagram and coming from the Dumpling Shack family was something that caught my eye so I’m anticipating what delicious food they’ll bring to 2023.

Anna Sulan Masing, food writer and Eater London contributor: Unlike this year, I am in anticipation of a lot! Possibly as we edge our way out of pandemic, there has been more build up for the new year. In no particular order: Anglo Thai, Rambutan, Darjeeling Express, Sarap, Sonora. And I must go eat dinner at Mambow.

Jonathan Nunn, food writer and Eater London contributor: I can’t think of anything more unchic than looking forward to a restaurant opening.

Apoorva Sripathi, food writer and Eater London contributor: Sichuan Fry and Rambutan.

Shekha Vyas, food writer and Eater London contributor: Fadi Kattan’s Akub and David Thompson’s Long Chim.

Feroz Gajia, restaurateur and Eater London contributor: New iteration of Chishuru, the bricks and mortar Sonora Taqueria, the new *redacted* and Anan finally opening. Seriously excited to eat in LA, first real excursion after the pandemic and hopefully not the last of the year. It will be interesting to see how this and other vibrant food cities have been affected by the past 2-3 years.

Angela Hui, food writer and Eater London contributor: Darjeeling Express 3.0 at Carnaby, Rambutan, Chishuru 2.0 in new location, Forno, Sonora Taqueria.

David J Paw, food writer and Eater London contributor: It has to be Rambutan, Sonora, and whatever the city’s best Thai chef decides he wants to do. Oh, and the return of Darjeeling Express to Kingly Court.

Joel Hart, food writer and Eater London contributor: Anglothai or Anan. They are to date the best pop-ups I’ve experienced in London and are both set to open next summer.

Sean Wyer, food writer and Eater London contributor: Rambutan: I can’t stop cooking from chef Cynthia Shanmugalingam’s eponymous book.

Isaac Rangaswami, food writer and Eater London contributor: I’m really looking forward to checking out Rambutan, because the interior sounds like it’ll be cool, I love the look of Cynthia Shanmugalingam’s cooking and I’m keen to learn more about Sri Lankan food.


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