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Boris Johnson Wants Britain’s Food Shops to Bounce by the Ounce Once Again

The Combination of Brexit and COVID-19 May Have Changed Supermarkets Forever

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Brexit Supermarket Food Shortages Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon

Nigel Farage and Co. Sigh in Relief as McDonald’s Runs Out of Milkshakes

Peri-Perilous Times at Nando’s as Over 40 Restaurants Close Due to Chicken Shortages

As Restaurants Cut Service Because of Staff Shortage, Workers Consider Their Future

Brexit-COVID Food Shortages Are Coming and They’re Starting in the Freezer Aisle

Britain’s Trade Deal With Australia Reignites Food Standards Concerns

Mayor Sadiq Khan Promises to Address ‘Major Staffing Shortage’ in London Restaurants

The Pandemic x Brexit Staffing Crisis Is Extremely Real for Restaurants

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Coronavirus Has Devastated Restaurants. Now It’s Brexit’s Turn

As COVID-19’s grip on restaurants begins to wane, they, their workers, and their suppliers are heading out of the frying pan and into the fire

Cheese and Chocolate Exports Melt Away as Brexit Devastates U.K. — E.U. Food Trade

Britain’s Shellfish Industry Faces Collapse After Government Fails to Warn of Export Ban

MPs Voted Against Taking Control of British Food Standards Again

Boris Johnson’s Fishy EU Trade Deal Dinner, Digested

It’s ‘Oven-Ready’ Deal Season in Westminster Again. Or Is it?

De Beauvoir Deli Regular Marks Downing Street Departure With Bubbly and Gazpacho

MPs Again Vote Against Enshrining U.K. Food Standards in New Agriculture Laws

Crucial Vote on British Food Standards Headlines the House of Commons

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320 Tory MPs Reject Chance to ‘Take Back Control’ of Food Trade Deals

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No Deal Brexit Would Make Food More Expensive From 1 January

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U.K. Supermarkets Rejecting Chlorinated Chicken Is Less Seismic Than It Sounds

New Commission Aims to Protect U.K. Food Standards in Future U.S. Trade Deal

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Future of U.K. Food Standards Could Split Boris Johnson’s Cabinet

Government Wriggles Out of Pledge to Protect U.K. Food Standards in U.S. Trade Deals

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MPs Are Once Again Asking the U.K. to Reject Chlorinated Chicken

U.K. Government Officially Indicates Lack of Enthusiasm for American Chickens

EU Tells Boris Johnson to Take Chlorinated Chicken off Table in U.S. Trade Talks

Standout Turkish Bakery Challenges Priti Patel Over ‘Low-Skilled’ Restaurant Workers

The U.K. Government’s New Immigration Laws Will Be ‘Disastrous’ for Restaurants

Brexit’s Normcore Hypeman Dominic Cummings Celebrated ‘Leaving’ the E.U. at Pizza Express

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The London Restaurant Industry Does Not Exist Outside of Politics