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London Restaurant Delivery

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Eater’s Recommended Restaurants for Takeaway and Delivery

Lunch, dinner, snacks, wine, and coffee all over London

Hundreds of Deliveroo Riders Strike Across the U.K. in Protest Over Rights

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Where to Grab a Great London Sandwich

2020 was a banner year for things between bread — and in 2021, the city is beginning to define its sandwich culture

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How to Ship a Taste of London’s Best Restaurants All Over the U.K.

The pick of London restaurants now doing nationwide delivery: Black Axe Mangal flatbreads, Trinidadian doubles, Japanese udon, and Michelin-starred feasts

England Don Turquoise Away Kit at World Cup 2022 in New Deliveroo Sponsorship

Deliveroo Flops on London Stock Market After Investors Balk at £7 Billion Valuation

Holloway Road Fave Sambal Shiok Repurposes Space Next Door for Laksa to Go

Deliveroo Riders Will Strike Over Rights When Food Delivery Behemoth Goes Public

New Study Finds Deliveroo Riders Can Earn Just £2 Per Hour

Deliveroo Tacitly Admits That Its Business Model Relies on a Lack of Workers’ Rights

What Does Uber Drivers’ Supreme Court Victory Mean for Food Delivery?

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How the Golden Italian Roast Chicken Taking London by Storm Gets Made

A step-by-step dissection of Arrosto’s delivery herb-cured roast and buttery, bronzed potatoes, inspired by the rosticcerie of Naples

Deliveroo Shoots for £5 Billion Valuation as Workers Take Gig Economy Juggernauts to Court

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Meal Kits Helped Restaurants Stay Afloat. Will They Survive Reopening?

Meal kits were a means of survival in 2020. If restaurants reopen in summer 2021, they could take on new meaning — or fade away as fast as they arrived

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Supreme Court’s Uber Ruling on Workers’ Rights Could Have Huge Ramifications for Food Delivery

Outstanding Udon Restaurant Starts Sending Noodles Nationwide

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How One of London’s Most Influential Restaurant Groups Navigated the Pandemic

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12 Perfect Pastas to Order in London Right Now

Whether for collection or delivery, the city’s obsession refuses to wane

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Where to Order Takeaway and Delivery in South East London

The best food for lockdown 3.0 in London’s SE postcodes

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Where to Order Takeaway and Delivery in South West London

The best food right now in the SW postcodes

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Where to Order Takeaway and Delivery in West London

The best food right for lockdown three in the W postcodes

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Where to Order Takeaway and Delivery in Central London

The best food around in the heart of London

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Where to Order Takeaway and Delivery in East London

The best places to order in the East postcodes during lockdown three in London

One of London’s Most Exciting Chefs Serves Up Italian Roast Chicken for 2021

London Restaurant Delivery Disruptor Raises £125,000 to Challenge Capital’s Juggernauts

Photo of Undercover Police Officer Posing as a Deliveroo Rider in London Circulates Online

Jeff Bezos Is Officially Allowed to Pump £442 Million Into Deliveroo

Outstanding Hackney Cave The Laughing Heart Wants to Deliver Restaurant Service to People’s Doors

New Delivery Platform Signs London’s Most Exciting Restaurants to Challenge Status Quo

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A Running List of London Restaurant Reopenings

Some as delis, some as bakeries, some as themselves but for collection and delivery

Deliveroo No Longer Needs Amazon’s Millions, But It’s Probably Getting Them Anyway

Deliveroo Desperately Needs Amazon’s Millions to Stay Alive, But, Not Right Away