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Eater Talks

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Eater Talks | How Power Shapes Place in London’s Restaurant World

Join Eater editors from London, New York City, and Los Angeles to discuss restaurants’ relationship to place, landlords, and gentrification

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Eater Talks | Covering Restaurants in a Pandemic

Eater Talks: How Will Brexit Affect London Restaurants?

At Eater London’s Next Live Event, Two Chefs Will Discuss Veganism in 2018

How Is Delivery Impacting Restaurants in London?

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Eater’s Next Live Event Will Ask: What Is Modern British Cuisine? [Updated]

Farokh Talati, Shuko Oda, and Jon Rotheram will be asked where it came from, how has it evolved, and where will it go next?

Eater London Launches Live Events at Shoreditch’s Ace Hotel