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The Biggest London Restaurant Stories of the Year (And 11 You May Have Missed)

The food news that caught people’s attention in 2021 oscillated between the impact of Covid-19 and any available relief from that topic

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Gumbo Is Infinity

Tom Zahir Browne of Decatur sees himself as just one custodian of Louisiana tradition — and that means showing London that gumbo contains multitudes

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London Chef Elizabeth Haigh’s Cookbook Withdrawn After Plagiarism Allegations

"Makan" has been subject to numerous reports of lifting material — both recipes and introductions — from other sources without attribution

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Despite What Gig Apps Say, There Is No Such Thing as Unskilled Work in Restaurants

How "Uberisation" — the growth of apps dedicated to quick, "easy" temporary restaurant shifts — could have ramifications for the future of hospitality work

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‘As a Woman in the Kitchen, It’s Traumatic’

How the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated existing gender inequalities in London’s restaurant industry

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You Always Return to Ciao Bella

The enduring, transportive fascination with one Bloomsbury trattoria and its famous blue canopy