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Restaurant Histories

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South London’s Best Old-School Caffs

Fried breakfasts with a side of wood panelling, antique light fixtures, and time-honoured signs

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How Police Racism Turned a Notting Hill Restaurant Into a Site of Resistance

The story of Frank Crichlow’s Mangrove restaurant is one of racism, police harassment, and Black resistance, recently depicted in Steve McQueen’s BBC film

Syd’s Shoreditch Coffee Cart Will Close Tomorrow After 100 Years

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Pie and Mash Is Dead, Long Live Pie and Mash

G. Kelly is back open on London’s Roman Road after a two-year closure, temporarily arresting the decline of an East End tradition

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An East End Culinary Delicacy Nears Extinction

Ivy’s on Chrisp Street Market in Poplar once served 13 batches of pease pudding on a single Saturday. Today, one batch lasts a week

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Quaglino’s: A History of Restaurant Glamour

It is the restaurant where a British Royal first ate in public, it was immortalised in a Roxy Music hit and, naturally, Ab Fab’s Patsy and Edina loved it

The Story of London’s Oldest Wine Bar

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The Reimagining of a 150-Year-Old Soho Institution

A history of Kettner’s, which last month reopened under the ownership of Soho House Group

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Playing by the Rules at London’s Oldest Restaurant

Open since 1798, the very British establishment is a portal into the capital's culinary past

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The Story of London's Most Famous Bar

125 year old The American Bar was frequented by Ernest Hemmingway, Marilyn Monroe and Neil Armstrong

Boulestin: The Bloomsbury Set and 1920s Culinary Nostalgia

Xavier Marcel Boulestin's French restaurant is still a favourite among literary lovers and anyone with a predilection for oeuf en gelee