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London Novelty Food

Byron Has Created a ‘Flexitarian’ Burger By Adding Mushrooms to a Beef Patty

McDonald’s Introduces Grand Mac and Mac Jr to Celebrate 50 Years of the Big Mac

Anti-Small Talk Restaurant in Shoreditch Creates Cheese-Pulling World Championships

A ‘Bleeding’ Vegan Burger Makes UK Debut in Dalston Next Month

London Burger Chain Trolls McDonald’s With Latest Delivery Stunt

What the VICE TripAdvisor Takedown Says About User Review Platforms — and London’s Use for Them

Master of Molecular Heston Blumenthal Unveils Meat Fruit Mark 2

I’m a Celebrity-Inspired Insect Doughnuts Land in London

The ‘World’s Best’ Cheese Is British

New Shoreditch Restaurant Promises ‘Zero Tolerance to Straight Backs and Polite Small Talk’

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Where to Eat the Most Exciting Pumpkin Dishes This Season

From the famous Delica to the classic gourd, seven London restaurants give us the scoop on their pumpkin plates

An Avocado Restaurant Is Opening in Covent Garden

‘Smashing Pumpkins’ Seek to Wipe Out Avocado on Toast

Game of Thrones Real Life Bakery No Longer Taking Orders