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Food Policy

His Brexit Deal Was Oven-Ready, But Now Boris Johnson Is Cooked

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The Worst of Britain’s Food Cost Crisis Is Yet to Come

Britain’s Trade Deal With Australia Reignites Food Standards Concerns

Campaign for Political Representation for Restaurants Scores Ministerial Meeting

MPs Voted Against Taking Control of British Food Standards Again

Government Won’t Extend Free School Meals to Half Term (Until Marcus Rashford Says So)

Parents and Campaigners Condemn Free School Meal Parcels as ‘Unacceptable’

MPs Get Behind Minister for Hospitality Campaign in First Debate

The Fight for Political Representation for Restaurants Reaches Westminster

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Marcus Rashford Extends Child Food Poverty Campaign With Support Guide for Families

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s UNICEF Child Hunger Comments Aren’t Shocking at All

UNICEF Should Not Have to Give the U.K. £700,000 to Feed Hungry Children

Trussell Trust Says Universal Credit Repayments Are Forcing People Into Food Banks

There Is No Consensus in the U.K. Government on What a Scotch Egg Is

Government Puts Seasonal Turkey Plant Workers at Risk of Coronavirus to Save Christmas

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Marcus Rashford Is Fighting the Government on Free School Meals. He’s Also Fighting Jamie Oliver’s Legacy

I was a pupil for the filming of Jamie’s School Dinners, and Rashford’s campaign shows how the TV programme did more harm than good for children and families that rely on state-funded food